Danny Davis is known as a contest rider. True, he has amazing style, he's awesome to watch, but he's still pigeonholed as a contest dude. I recently sat down with him at the 2012 Burton US Open of snowboarding and found out what he's been doing, what he's going to do next, and when is he going to film that video part that we are all dying to see.

Danny Davis at the 2011 Breckenridge Dew Tour. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

So you just came from Europe where you were at the Burton European Open, how did that go for you?

Ah man it was good over there. It was sunny, like 50-60 degrees out, like I was wearing a sweatshirt, that's how nice it was. I didn't make slope finals though, and I was so pissed, but then pipe went really well so that was a nice little pick-me-up, because I haven't really ridden too well this year, so it was nice.

Have you been doing anything besides contests?

I've been shredding a lot. I didn't go to the World Snowboarding Championships. I also skipped the Snowbasin Dewtour. Instead I went to the Baker Banked Slalom. Which was so sick. It was my second year going to Baker for the race and I made finals this year, which I'm really stoked about. I also took two weeks to just shred. Not even train or anything, but just snowboard. I got to film a little with my friends and just had fun. It ruled.

No light, no problem. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Do you ever think about moving away from the contest scene and into filming a full video part?

Yeah man, I think about doing that every day. And everyone always asks me like, "What's your goal in snowboarding?" or whatever, and that's my ultimate goal. I just want to make a really good video part because video parts are forever. Whereas contest results, they get forgotten, like, the night after. So I would love to have a video part, and I'm going to do it one day. But I figure my body is so sore all the time from all of the injuries  I've had, so I'm going to try and ride pipe a little bit longer while I still can.

Are you going to get to do any filming now that contest season is almost over?

Yeah contest season is almost done, and I'm almost in full filming mode. We have a bunch of park shoots, and maybe I can fit in a powder trip, but it really hasn't been the best winter… We're [the FRENDS crew] going to film for Burton again and we'll have a little segment like we did last year. But it sucks, like you said, I really want to film a full part, but John J and all the other dudes will take care of that this year.

Yeah he can shred pow too. PHOTO: Jeff Curtes

You had tricks in Absinthe's video Optimistic a few years ago right?

Yeah man, those guys were the best. They started me off so right. It was really sick.

You qualified second in the Burton US Open pipe, how does it feel to do so well after coming back from that shitty injury you had a few years ago? Does it feel like a redemption of sorts?

Nah man, not really redemption. It's more like I can breath again. Now it feels like I can just have fun like I used to. This year my nerves have just been so different—I've been getting nervous. I never used to get nervous. But thankfully I made finals so now it's like I fall or I land and that's it. It also just feels nice to land my tricks. Like I hadn't tried a frontside 1080 the whole time I'd been at the Open, so to land it first try felt awesome.

Danny blasting out of the quarterpipe during the US Open Night Jam. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

So what's next?

For the rest of the season it's just going to be filming. I'd like to go on a rail trip, with  Ethan [Deiss] and those kids. We might do a Big Bear segment in the movie, or something like that. It's going to be awesome. I'm  stoked to hang with those dudes again— Ethan and Zak Hale,  all the boys really—and just film and have some fun.