Chris Grenier is an extreme workhorse. In an industry where many riders expect handouts, it's really good to see someone succeed with proper hard work and determination. Kids take note, this is Chris Grenier.

Grendy’s is pretty good at getting the shot. PHOTO: Andy Wright

How's the Salomon Team Vaction RV tour going?

We've just been traveling around to a bunch of different resorts,boarding with all the kids, you know, it's been a ton of fun. I've also been getting on a few rail trips, here and there, but mainly just filming for the tour.

Where have you guys gone with the RV tour so far?

I haven't been on all of them but the whole tour so far has done the East Coast, Quebec, Portland; the RV has pretty much gone all over North America so far.

Grendy’s isn’t afraid of street plants. Not scared at all. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What else have you done besides being in the RV?

I went to Alaska, and then I went to Denver and  Quebec City. Those were all trips between RV trips. It's hectic.

What's been your favorite part about tour life?

Shit man, tour life. Well we have NHL 2012 on the RV, so I've just been mopping people up, virtually. Java [Salomon TM],  I've beaten him about 35 times in a row.

Going one footed infront of thr Worcester courthouse ‘guy. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What are your other obligations this season besides the Salomon tour?

At the end of January I'm jumping on the ThirtyTwo shop tour for three weeks. The shop tours are awesome. I love going on them and hanging with the kids, but it makes it really hard to film for a video part when you have all these other obligations for sponsors.

Who are you filming for this year?

I'm trying to film a part for VideoGrass. But it's tough when the majority of your time is on the RV tour going to resorts. But shit man, I'm having fun, I can't complain.

Is Team Vacation going to be a video too? Like on its own and sold in shops?

Each segment of the tour is going online, so there have been little web edits coming out.

What do you think about Real Snow?

It's heavy. The heaviest snowboarding I've seen in a long time. It's good you know, everyone's pushing it super hard. It's also really entertaining to watch. It's just tough when it's my friends like Louif, and Bode, and I have to vote against one.. But man, it's sick that you can potentially win 100 grand in it.

What do you think about someone like LNP who declined Real Snow?

Man, that's badass. It would be hard to handle all the stress of filming that many hammers for such a large venue, and in that short amount of time. I respect his morals or whatever you want to call it.

Damn this is an urban shot… PHOTO:Andy Wright

Do you think it's okay for someone to use their shots from Real Snow in their actual video part?

Yeah I think so. It's ok because by the time your video part comes out people have already kind of forgot about Real Snow. Also, there are usually other angles of the clips that are refreshing.

What do you think about people in Real Snow hitting the same spots as one another?

Everyone should hit whatever they want. There shouldn't be any prejudice over spots or tricks or any of that shit.

Who do you think is going to win Real Snow?

Halldors' part is insane;Louif's is insane; Bode's is insane; Brisse is insane. Pat Moore, Jed—shit. Let's just say I'm glad I'm not a judge…

What up and comers are stoking you out this season?

I'm a big fan of Spencer Schubert, and Johnny Brady. Those two are really incredible. Also Mike Rav, there's a bright future for snowboarding with these younger rippers.

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