Cats Taken Out at Wildcat Challenge

With a five foot high rail, a 70 foot table, and dual twenty foot hips, the Wildcat Challenge showcased some of the world’s best riding from the world’s best riders ¿ but with its consequences. Three hurt knees, a sprained wrist, two hurt shoulders, and one concussion were the casualties of this unique event.

The first of its kind, the WC Challenge is the only contest with its party on the night before the event ¿ to give all of the competitors an equal playing field. Pickled, the competitors, featuring the talents of the Wildcats, the 418, Joni Malmi, Paavo Tikkenen, Kim Bohnsak, Kevin Sansalone, the Huffman brothers, and a handful of other local pros, staggered to Grouse Mountain the next day, where they jammed on the course, designed by Devun Walsh, until about 2:30, when the event started. Under blue skies and warm temperatures, crews were selected first by the jersey colors they were given in the morning (either USA or Brazil colored jerseys), then by random draw. The idea was to have 4 man crews battling each other on four different obstacles (similar to the skateboard game HORSE). The crew with the most defeats on all of the obstacles is the champion. By 7:00, two crews were left with the same amount of wins ¿ time for sudden death. The first team consisted of Joni Malmi, Lucas Huffman, Jesse Kumlei, Jaqui, and Ian Bolten. They and were to battle the three man crew (due to injuries) of Jon Roth, Mike Scott, and Tom Flocco, on the end table in the park. After Roth’s frontside seven to the flat, Malmi stepped it up with a perfect backside seven, winning the event for his team. First prize, JVC Kaboom ghetto-blasters for each member of the crew ¿ not bad. Roth and his crew won DVD packs for second place, and third prize Backstreet Boys CDs went to Alex Auchu’s crew. The most memorable part of the event, though, had to be Chris Dufficy’s frontside 470 ¿ boardslide ¿ 470 off, on the five foot high rail ¿ INSANE. For his efforts, Chris won a wicked DVD pack full of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for best trick.

All in all the event went as planned. The most important goal of the contest, as set by the Cats, was to have fun. Judging from the smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces, this was accomplished. A huge thanks to all the riders who participated, the Wildcats, Randy Ross, Claire Desgouttes, Melissa Larson, the judges, Tony and Louise at Grouse Mountain, and any one we somehow forgot. See you next year!!