Words And Photos By Nick Visconti

It's often said that snowboarding is a lifestyle. But what does that mean exactly? Although almost indefinable, through a mosaic of imagery, imagination, and IPA's, Asymbol's Wandering Eyes gallery at evo Portland marvelously animates this concept. Evo's Chis Shalbot described the Friday night happening as a "testament to how rich the [snowboard] culture is." Previously renown for Neon Daze and Winter Waves, Asymbol's newest collection invites the people of Portland to be engaged into the hearts and souls of snowboarders through the works of Jamie Lynn, Peter Robison (alias Ten Hundred), Matt French, Adam Haynes, Mike Parillo, iuna tinta, and Corey Smith. This faction of artists create a visual counterpoint to 2015's digiworld, through their analog work capturing, exposing and defining the essence of a snowboard existence.

The scene was what you might expect of Portland with natives' bearing beards and beer, but equally saturated with mountain and coast folk looking to connect with the community that shares their aesthetic passion. To do this, they gathered, drank, and talked about everything snowboarding is and everything the weather is not. Many pieces, such as Adam Haynes Runnesls, were even reflections of personal experiences grappling with the west coast drought.

This event, and others like it, are exceptionally important to tell stories and manifest the lifeblood of snowboarding beyond the media, beyond the tricks, beyond the money. To reduce the wax poetic down to just a few words: Asymbol pays much needed homage to the reason why we all started, continue to, and will forever snowboard.

For more information of Asymbol's Wandering Eyes, navigate yourself to asymbol.co or if you're in the Portland metro over the next month, enrich your right brain by stoping in at evo Portland yourself.