Capitol’s Plans for 2000, an online snow and skate shop based out of Baltimore, Maryland has acquired some new faces. After exploring options to sell the site, has decided to instead keep its operations intact. There are three reasons why.

The first is John Paul Jones III, who has been appointed Director of Marketing. J.P. has been in charge of Marketing for a private medical lab for the past year, and will be in charge of driving traffic towards the shop site as well as generating ad revenue for the site. Jason Smith is’s new Director of Operations; overseeing the business development operations as well as managing all new Internet Technologies to be used on Shannon Ferguson has been appointed Director of Finance, and will oversee all of the financial obligations that the online shop has.

The month of February will bring new and exciting changes for A summer-long contest is being planned, centralized forums for each region, and much, much more. With the new plans in works, monthly traffic is expected increase 50%a month till the end of the year, starting in March. At 255,000 hits for the month of December 1999, is optimistic in generating traffic for the upcoming months, but the most important thing to the shop is in keeping their grassroots reputation.’s appeal has been it’s approach to the Internet. Since the beginning, has always stressed the importance of keeping the exclusiveness of products online as well as in physical shops. While there are many online shops out there, there are only a few that has proven that it can represent the product. While the Internet trend has been increasing over the years, so have the physical shop owners’ complaints. While some manufacturers have banned Internet sales, physical shops are allowed to have online shops to sell these products online. This makes it more difficult for a shop such as to carry certain products, but yet they are available online by shops that complain about online shops. hopes to change this by providing a reason for consumers to come to the site. By undercutting prices? No. That’s the last thing that we would resort to and we are far from it. We got a couple tricks up our sleeve. With the new additions to the team, look for some exciting changes to the site. We’re gonna be the same, only better.