Winter Weather Predictions & Forecast 2017- 2018

While there is no way to tell until the fat snowman sings, the Farmers’ Almanac has released their predictions for the 2018 Winter Season in Canada.

The short answer to “Will Canada have a better winter season than the U.S.?” is no. Along the same lines as the 2018 Winter Forecast for the United States, it looks like an average winter will be upon our neighbors to the north with standout flurries that the Farmers’ Almanac is dialing in with major coastal storms along the Atlantic coast. Expected dates are January 20-23, February 4-7, 16-19, and March 1-3 & 20-23 for large amounts of precipitation and wind.

Farmers’ Almanac Winter Weather Forecast & Predictions For Canada 2017 – 2018 

2018 Winter Weather Farmers' Almanac Canada

In contrast, from the Prairie Provinces west to British Columbia, overall temperatures will average above normal. Moderate amounts of snow should fall over Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, while British Columbia is expected to see below normal precipitation. This is not to say that there won't be occasional periods of heavy precipitation sweeping in from storms off of the Pacific, or shots of cold air pushing south from the Yukon (perfect for skiers!), but these should be balanced by spells of dry and mild weather.

For much of Ontario, expect to see wide swings in the weather pendulum, from very mild to very cold, and periods of tranquil weather mixed with occasional spells of tempestuous conditions.

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