“This year has been good for receiving products on time, no surprises and no screw-ups,” says self-described lonely salesperson Duncan Bathurst of Mission. The first three companies to ship to this Calgary shop were Burton, Option, and Silence. The best sellers so far are the Burton 7 and Custom boards and the always-popular Oakley A-Frame goggle. Since area riders live close to the Rocky Mountains, they have already been shopping for the upcoming season.

Momo Sports, a chain of shops in the Eastern townships of Quebec, is quite happy with its requested early shipments of Rossignol, Original Sin, and Lamar snowboards. Sebastien Beauvais manages the Granby shop, where most of his clothing is arriving late. “Those truckers on strike here in Quebec are making me lose money,” he says. So far the Lamar Pro Model boards are selling best, says Beauvais.

Hustler Snowboards' Neil Wilson is a partner in this Oakville, Ontario store. “Sales are up 100 percent compared to last year,” he says. Burton, Ride, and Salomon came in on time, along with Foursquare, Special Blend, Burton, and Westbeach clothing. The Burton, Salomon, and DC boots were shipped on time as well.”

The biggest surprise has been the timely shipping of Westbeach clothing, which has been known to be tardy. Wilson comments that no major screw-ups were noted in the orders this year except for a shipment of Volcom board shorts that were received near the end of September. The big sellers this year have been éS and Emerica shoes, and hooded sweatshirts from Special Blend.

Surfside, a seventeen-year-old shop in Ottawa, Ontario, has only received its shipments of Ride and K2 snowboards and boots. “Westbeach and RipZone clothing are here, but so far there have been no sales because the K2 shipment arrived two days ago,” says Manager J.P. Money. “We were surprised with the K2 shipment since the distributor changed recently. So far no problems.”

Orbite is a must-see shop for anyone living near Montreal. There aren't too many stores with 10,000-square-foot indoor skatepark located next to a river filled with wakeboarders. Charles Brouillet is the manager of this St. Jean-sur-Richelieu landmark. He says he's received his orders from MLY, Nidecker, Morrow, Forum streetwear, and Spy (Scoop) goggles.

“The only problem we've had is Dragon sending us 30 goggles in the same color,” he says.