Buyer’s Guide: Freestyle

Boards built for pipes, spinning, and jibbing. The freestyle board is built for progressiveriders who want to shed ounces in order to decrease swing weight so spins come with ease. Performancefeatures, like carbon stringers and rubber dampening devices, bring an edge to freestyle riders’ technicalgame.

Stiffness in the tip and tail offers better pop for getting into the air and more stability for landings. Afreestyle snowboarder needs deep sidecut to allow for quick edge-to-edge transfers. Freestyle boardsincorporate the newest technology because, like the riders, the designers are driven to innovate-makingboards lighter and stronger while constantly searching out new manufacturing techniques and materials. Thisyear’s high-tech boards will expedite the growth of freestyle riding to new levels as we move into the nextmillennium. -John Chorlton