Butt Pie

What was the first musical note ever created? Was it a caveman bonking a hollow log with the bones of a fallen mastodon, or something even more prehistorically arcane? What was it that made that single instance of sound embed itself in the soul of its creator? I mean the first musical note EVER-a celebration, not of finding food to feed the clan, but of life itself. It may have been the first thought beyond basic survival instincts that our species ever knew!

Now here we are at the end of the Twentieth Century. Mastodons and their musical bones are long forgotten, so what do modern-day musicians have to celebrate? Listening to them, the world sure sounds gloomy! And much of modern-day music doesn’t exactly make me want to leap from my mud hovel, holler, and beat my chest in a display of my unquenchable will to survive.

That is why Butt Pie has such a refreshing sound-it’s a celebration! Recorded at two large summertime parties, Ankles & Earrings represents what a musical group can do with no major-label pressures, and no aspirations of ever making a mark in the modern music world.

Maybe it’s the audience howling in between tracks. Maybe it’s the improvisational fervor of the guitar solos. Maybe it’s the pervading positivity of the band that makes this album so much fun to listen to. When these guys get together, serious music happens. (A lot of not-so-serious music happens as well.) Pie shows typically run long-like six or seven hours-during which the listener is treated to an ever-changing soundscape of moods and ideas, moving at the pace of life itself. Freedom, ingenuity, talent, love of music-all making hordes of people dance and fall out of hot tubs. The echoes of an ancient sound escape in the form of guitar, bass, and drum ecstasy.

-Jesse Loomis