Burton’s Analog Clothing Moves To SoCal

Burlington, VT – Analog clothing may have been born in Vermont, but it’s time the company moved from its nest. Now that the brand has its first fall line in stores, Analog, the newest member of the Burton family of brands, is leaving the Green Mountain State in early spring of 2004 to relocate to Southern California.

“This move will give Analog an opportunity to establish its own unique identity, expand its audience and eliminate distractions like powder days,” says Burton founder and owner Jake Burton Carpenter. “I’ve always enjoyed visiting friends and just hanging out in SoCal. Now, I’ve got a real reason to go there. Moving a company is no easy feat. But in this case, it makes so much sense, and the benefits will be immediate, including new distractions like overhead surf days.”

With its upcoming move to California, Analog will be entrenched in the culture and region that drives much of the style and trends surrounding the board sports industry. Analog is currently looking for a location in Orange County, which will give it easy access to clothing designers, vendors, surfing, skating and riding.

As for Burton, Laurent Potdevin, the company’s president, had this to say. “Burton Snowboards’ roots are firmly planted in Vermont, and the company will stay here indefinitely. At the same time, the West Coast is an extremely important market for us, and we’ve wanted to establish a stronger presence there for years. The Analog move provides the perfect opportunity for all the Burton brands to utilize the new location.”

Burton’s independent sales agency led by Laurent Vrignaud will join Analog in the new space. Also, sales management for Analog and Gravis Footwear will be relocated to SoCal to take advantage of the region’s strong market.

Analog released its first line of progressive clothing aimed at men and women who skate, ride and surf this fall. To create eclectic and unique designs, Analog works closely with a development team that includes skaters Heath Kirchart, Brian Sumner and Leo Romero and snowboarders Keir Dillon, JP Solberg, Trevor Andrew, Romain De Marchi, Kjersti Buaas and Ryan Lougee.

Through inspiration from the athletes, music, art and the board sports, Analog designs clothing that pushes the boundaries of skate, snow and surf styles that now proliferate the mainstream fashion scene. Analog sponsored snowboarders like Keir Dillon and JP Solberg are happy about the move. “Personally, I’m so stoked to have Analog move to SoCal,” says Keir Dillon. “You have the strength and knowledge of the East infiltrating the style freshness and change of the West. It’s good for Analog to get out of its comfort zone and let the creative juices start flowing. Plus, the added bonus of having product roundtables ending with a good surf session will be huge.” JP Solberg agrees. “I think its dope that Analog is moving to SoCal. Now I can even get some surfdown when I pay them a visit.”

Consumers can learn more about Burton by calling Burton Rider Service: (800) 881-3138 or visiting www.burton.com.