DJ Z-Trip rocks Seattle World Tour stop at EMP
We’d heard about the torrential rains in the northwest, but must have picked the right day to land in Seattle. Everything was still wet, and the gusty wind made for a bumpy landing, but the downpours had stopped.

After most of the group caught a ride in Victoria’s pimped-out van, we all headed over to Snowboard Connection for an autograph session. The shop was super cool, with a great vibe and some vintage snowboards on display. Everybody felt right at home on the couches, and hung out for a few hours signing posters for the kids. Everybody in the place was talking about the show that evening, with three videos on the roster followed by a set by DJ Z-Trip.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick change, and then piled into cabs to head for the venue. Experience Music Project was the place to be, and people were freaking as we got out of the cabs in front of this huge crazy structure that we had taken over for the night. If you have not been to EMP before, you need to make a trip to Seattle just to check it out. “The Skychurch in EMP showed ‘2020 is the Future’ by local filmmaker Miles Laurisden before showing ‘The Process’ and ‘Saturation.’ Their big screen and sick sound system filled the massive space with one of the best AV setups I’ve ever seen.

Z-Trip gave it to the Seattle crowd for almost two hours, while the EMP control booth tweaked the lights and the visuals on the screen to match with the music. Everything from JayZ to Iron Maiden pumped from the speakers, and Z-Trip even dropped a remix of “Smells like teen spirit for the Seattle crowd. Over 900 people filled the floor and kept rocking till the show was over.

A misty after party at the local rep’s loft was next on the agenda. Jasen played host, DJ and entrusted his space to a rowdy crew of riders and local shop peeps. Though nothing was seriously damaged, we did lose track of Romain at some point... and he was nowhere to be found.

We didn’t find him until we left to go back to the hotel, at around 4AM. Romain must have gone outside at some point and could not figure out how to use the intercom to get back in. He was curled up in a fetal position against the door, and we couldn’t get him to wake up by banging on the glass. Driscoll opened the door and Romain toppled over like a fallen tree, his head cracking off the cement like an overripe melon.

The next morning, Romain remembered nothing of the doorway incident... but he was still in rough shape. As the rest of the team made their way back to Snowboard Connection for another signing session, Romain was back in bed trying to recover.

This was Romain’s last stop on the North American leg of the tour, so he headed back to Geneva for a week off. The rest of the riders headed to Vancouver, for the Canadian premiere of ‘The Process’

Time for some fries with garlic mayo dipping sauce.

British Columbia Floods can’t stop the World Tour
After escaping the dreaded downpours of the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, it looked like we would hit rain in Vancouver instead. The ground was soggy, and the news was full of stories about floods, washed out roads, and general liquid chaos throughout the region. Flying into Vancouver you could see lots of murky water spilling out of the rivers into the Pacific Ocean.

We hit Canadian soil for the first time on the tour, and the sun popped out from behind the heavy clouds. Somebody upstairs must like us, because the first day in downtown Vancouver was beautiful weather for Sunday shopping. With no media on the schedule, the team was free to roam the city until the video premiere that evening.

Mikey Rencz had been stranded up in the mountains, cut off by the flooding, but somehow connected with a helicopter ride into the city so he could make it to the events. Regrouping at the hotel, the whole team crew piled into a waiting limo to do a little sightseeing en route to the cinema. The driver took us alongg the waterfront, with a quick stop in Stanley Park for some photo ops. Celebrating our arrival in Canada with a few glasses of Champagne had everybody in good spirits and we were pumped to get to the premiere.

The Vancouver locals came out of the woodwork during this break in the weather and hundreds of kids came out to the Van East cinema for the Canadian premiere of “The Process. The riders were slammed at the autograph session and stuck around for the video and product toss, and everybody there walked away with some goodies, including DVD copies of “The Process

A late dinner with the whole local Burton crew was next on the agenda. Mmmm, Canadian food. They didn’t have Poutine, but they did have fries with garlic mayo. Keir is on some sort of crazy diet, and JP is a mad food consumer, so eating out is always an adventure. We got about two of every appetizer they had, and people were super stuffed when they went to bed.

The next day it rained, and rained, and then rained some more. Our luck had run out with the weather, but it finally dried up just in time to grab dinner before the party. Mr. Scruff and DJ Spinna were on the bill at the Commodore Ballroom and we had the whole balcony locked down for all the team, local shop peeps and industry crew. It was a cool scene, with lots of people rocking out on the Commodore’s bouncy dance floor to the sounds of funky remixed jazz. Scruff and Spinna put on a sick show, and the huge room was packed and bumpin.

At some point, I ended up with a drink on my head, and there was something going on with Jagermeister shots. Gigi had a drink on his head too, and then there was something else going on with Jagermeister shots. What is it about Canada that leads to parties like this on a Monday night? Maybe its because the drinking age is only 19 and certain herbs flow more freely in BC, or maybe the tour is just getting out of control...

Who knows?

We’ll see what happens in San Francisco