Burton US Open to Crown 2006 Ticket To Ride World Snowboard Tour Champion

Burlington, Vermont—For the first time ever, the Ticket To Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour will crown a global champion at the upcoming Burton US Open, taking place at Stratton Mountain, Vermont March 17-19. The US Open is the final 6-Star event on the TTR World Snowboard Tour, which was originally created by Terje Haakonsen as an alternative way to rank snowboarders around the world according to their performance at participating TTR events.

At the US Open, the world’s best riders will be united at the end of the season to battle for a prestigious US Open title as well as the lead in the TTR rankings. TTR works by giving points to every rider who participates in a TTR World Snowboard Tour event anywhere in the world. Points are given based on the rider’s demonstrated talent and the level of difficulty at the event. All riders from rookies and amateurs to professionals appear on the same ranking list and are ranked according to the same criteria.

The top 10 TTR riders will all be at the Burton US Open and will earn points towards the championship in the halfpipe and slopestyle contests. Currently, the top three male riders on the TTR Tour are Risto Mattila, Mathieu Crepel and Nicolas Müller. Natasza Zurek, Cheryl Maas and Claudia Fliri make up the women’s top three spots.

For more information on the US Open Snowboarding Championships, go to www.opensnowboarding.com or call Burton Rider Services at 800-881-3138.