Burton U.S. Open Finals Kicking Off Tomorrow

Icicle trees, an ominous fog, and Danny Davis at the US Open. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

Icicle trees, an ominous fog, and Danny Davis at the US Open. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

The Burton U.S. Open is built on tradition, and part of that 29 years of tradition is dealing with the weather. For some reason the impact of weather is stronger here at Stratton, and so far it’s been, shall we say, harsh, which has led to some surprising results in the semi-finals.

Wednesday’s slopestyle semis narrowed a field of 42 men down to 10—some of the riders that failed to make the finals include podium-locs like Peetu Piironien, Seb Touts, and 2010 Open winner Charles Reid (who’s back from a knee injury and riding strong). In their place we have some new names including Torgeir, Emil, and Ulrik, who were all able to overcome yesterdays icy, windy course along with top finisher Eric Willett who dropped a Cab double cork 900 and a switch backside double cork 1080, followed by Mark McMorris who has yet to pull out his new trick—the backside triple cork 1440, followed by Chas Guldemond. Jamie Anderson and Spencer O’Brien finished ahead of the pack in women’s slope.

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Yesterday’s bone-chilling conditions were replaced by soft flakes of snow and fog in today’s pipe semis. The creepy fog was an issue, leading to frequent weather holds throughout the day. Most of the riders played it safe, riding just hard enough to push on through to the finals. (Shaun White isn’t competing due to a minor foot surgery, which we hear, went well and all’s good.)

The weather is supposed to heat up for Friday’s Slopestyle finals. You can watch it all live here. Follow along with the start list and see if your scores line up with the judges.

Men’s SLOPESTYLE Start list for Friday Finals

1. Eric Willett

2. Mark McMorris

3. Chas Guldemond

4. Torgeir Bergrem

5. Jeremy Thompson

6. Emil Ulsletten

7. Ulrik Badertscher

8. Jason Dubois

9. Janne Korpi

10. Sondre Tiller

Men’s PIPE Start list for Saturday Finals

1. Iouri Podlatchikov

2. Kazu Kokubo

3. Ryo Aono

4. Kohei Kudo

5. Eiju Hirano

6. Markus Malin

7. Zack Black

8. Jan Sherrer

9. Louie Vito

10. Matt Ladley

Women’s SLOPESTYLE Start list for Friday Finals

1. Jamie Anderson

2. Spencer O’Brien

3. Silje Norendal

4. Enni Rukajarvi

5. Jordie Karlinski

6. Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas

Women’s PIPE Start list for Saturday Finals

1. Kelly Clark

2. Hannah Teter

3. Soko Yamaoka

4. Rebecca Sinclair

5. Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas

6. Gretchen Bleiler