Burton Sponsors Arctic Challenge

Burlington, VT – For the first time, Burton Snowboards is sponsoring the Arctic Challenge, taking place in Tromsà¸, Norway from March 27th to April 1st. As a rider-owned, rider-driven company with strong, long-standing ties to Arctic Challenge founder Terje Haakonsen, Burton Snowboards is pleased to support the event, which is truly run by riders.

This season, Burton has been more involved with the Arctic Challenge than ever before. Burton-owned events like the Burton European Open and the Philips US Open were both part of the Ticket To Ride series, a select group of contests where winners qualify for the Arctic Challenge. Winners of the Burton European and Philips US Open men’s halfpipe and slopestyle competition received a coveted ‘ticket to ride’ at the Arctic Challenge. Burton riders who’ve earned the right to ride at the Arctic Challenge include Shaun White, Keir Dillon, Ross Powers, Heikki Sorsa, Nicolas Muller, Luke Mitrani and Fredrik Austbà¸.

Hosted by legendary snowboarder Terje Haakonsen, the Arctic Challenge is revered by riders for its unconventional structure and emphasis on style, creativity and having fun. Arctic Challenge competitors meet every morning and evening during the event to decide on formats, event schedule, judging and programs. Terje insists that no junk food be served at the event – only organic and healthy food is available. After the competition ends, riders journey along the north Norwegian coast to Stamsund, where the snowboard community will celebrate the conclusion of another season with surfing, fishing, skating, sea kayaking, dog sledding, freeriding and partying.

“We try to make the rider feel privileged,” says Terje Haakonsen. “With good service, food and things to do after the event, we give the riders a chance to do more than just compete and count points.”

Learn more about the Arctic Challenge at http://www.t-a-c.no

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