Burton Snowboards Releases Late Models Look for The Gap 58 and CFX OLS Binding

The Burton Late Models – revolutionary, tricked out products that didn’t make it out of the on-snow development lab in time for Vegas. Coming soon to a shop near you.

A tech’d out pipe board that kills toe and heel drag, the new Gap 58 simultaneously fills a hole in the line and introduces two innovative components of Burton Snowboards’ new board technology.

Designed to provide the ultra-quick, powerfully stiff performance of the Balance, this board features a wider waist width for riders with size 10-11 feet. But it is a lot more than an important new shape for bigger riders.

With new proprietary technology, it ups the levels of power, speed and precision. Dualzone Engineered Grain Direction (EGD), a product of Burton’s advanced core factory, leads the charge by three-dimensionally directing wood grain to reduce edge deflection and thereby increasing edge hold, while lowering weight and increasing strength.

For greater speed, Burton Snowboards unveils the fastest base on the planet – the new Indium. Here’s the tech: impregnated within a sintered structure, Indium crystals phase-change in order to absorb heat and “cool” the base. The result is that friction between base and snow is reduced. All you really need to know is that you go faster.

Other Level S__t. You can fill in the blanks. The new CFX OLS Binding raises the standard for binding aesthetics and gives a glimpse of what is to come from Burton Snowboards in 2001. Detailed refinements like a metallic maroon automotive finish on the baseplate and limited edition graphics make this model clearly stand out from the crowd. Gold, silver and black anodized Slap ratchets add the final touches. Like the Gap 58, this binding is projected to hit the shelves of stores in December, 1999. Be ready to pounce, because they’re making very limited quantities.