Burton Releases Midseason Boards

Burton Snowboards has release two new midseason boards: The Fish and the Custom 156 Limited Issue.

The Fish is a perfect board for powder and trees, but is short and maneuverable. Terje Haakonsen and John “JG” Gerndt from Burton Snowboards developed and tested the FISH 56 concept and design.

“When there was deep, fresh powder, I, along with many others would always choose a longer board (162-173),” says Burton’s JG. “I thought that it would float better in powder since there was more surface area. The problem with longer boards are they are not as easy to handle, tricky to maneuver in tight situations, they feel heavy and no matter how far back the stance was set rear leg burn would always happen. Longer boards bog down on non-steep slopes and as you lean back the tail sink reduces the overall float of the board.”

“Over the past two years, Terje and I have been talking about building a low angle powder board,” he continues. “A shape that was short and wide and that would float regardless of the slope angle or how deep the snow was. Shorter tail length, longer nose length, taper and a more center stance…Is the FISH concept…It’s all about powder riding. Different from other powder boards in shape, the FISH is 4-6cm shorter; or the same size of your freestyle board…Best ride in un-tracked powder, best turning, in the trees. Be there, enjoy the ride.”

The Fish is meant for fresh tracks in powder, but can also been ridden on groomed trail runs. Tree riding is the ultimate.

DESIGNTaper angle – The wide nose, narrow tail allows for maximum float, yet very maneuverable.
Short tail length – This is as close to a surf riding feel as you can get. Back foot is right on the tail for full control and punch.
Long nose length – Maximum float no matter how deep it gets.
Stance – Can ride more centered, reducing the amount of back leg burn.
Speed – The board rides more on top of the snow- greater acceleration can be achieved
Control – Precision turns can be made, turn on a dime and be confident.
Maneuverability ¿ Because of the design riders downsize from typical powder board lengths… you can take tight lines with precision.
Straight – The board is meant to go fall line, that does not mean it cannot be spun, but riding switch is tricky, but can be done.
Flex – Moderate, the board needs to bend, this is something you feel in a turn, it’s not a plank
Width – Fits a wide range of rider profiles due to the taper angle.

Size- This board is designed to accommodate riders of all sizes and weights over different terrain. A good example is 6’8″ Chris Mask and 5’4” Shannon Dunn on the same FISH 156.
Unique – Board is versatile for so many different rider profiles. Powder riders will find no better…Intermediates will progress quickly.

RIDEFrontside turns ¿ When riding typical powder boards it is easy to rip backside turns and come out of the turn with speed, but when you try to do the same on a frontside you tend to bog down.
This is not the case with the FISH. You can get the turn to come around fuller and come out with speed.
Easy ride – Smooth turning, forgiving, rider input, flowing turns, can feel the board under you. Surf the snow feel
Dive – The nose stays on top of the snow, rarely going under. Good for ollieing and landing airs in powder.

” I will always have one of these boards in my board bag wherever I go” Terje


A Custom 156 shape with a special construction and graphic.

The Custom 156 Limited Issue is offered in two Constructions/Versions- The North American /Europe Construction and the Japanese Construction- These Constructions/Versions will only be available in the respective countries. More information shown on page 2.

…A board, which has all the attributes of a traditional Custom 156 designed for the rider who is looking for a boardd that will perform in all conditions…Lots of Ollie power, rides well off of kickers and floats well in the powder.

Ollie power, rides well off of kickers and floats well in the powder.

Freeride, trails, trees, BC, kickers, rails, pipe – you name it, this board can do it.

Shape – Proven Custom 56 shape, which is versatile. Designed with Dave Downing

Flex – Medium to stiff flex with a lightweight construction that’s good in the air and on the snow.

Riders who are looking for one board that can do it all. Looking for that next Custom.

Smooth as butter