Burton Recalls Mission Binding Straps

Burton Snowboards is asking its Mission strap binding riders to do a quick and easy inspection of their ankle straps. Some of our medium and large Mission and Mission GT strap bindings have a problem with the attachment of the cloth strap where it attaches to the plastic cap that allows for size adjustment. It’s possible that the ankle straps with this problem could detach from the binding in certain situations.

After further quality control inspection, we have found that not all Mission ankle straps meet or exceed Burton’s high standards of quality. We’re asking all of our Mission and Mission GT strap binding riders to inspect their straps. There is a key indicator (described below) for identifying straps that may have this problem. If spotted, the rider simply needs to call our Warranty Department, and we will ship replacement straps immediately.

The actual problem affects only a small percentage of our Mission and Mission GT strap bindings. Bindings that require inspection include:

Model Size Color Way

* Mission Medium Yellow/Blue
* Mission Large Yellow/Blue
* Mission Large Black/Yellow
* Mission Large Khaki/Sand

* Mission GT Medium Grey/White
* Mission GT Large Grey/White

To inspect straps for the binding models listed above:

On the ankle straps, locate the side of the strap where the telescoping size adjustment is located. This is the side opposite the Slap Ratchet. From the top, or outside, of the strap, locate the plastic cap where the telescoping strap is inserted. If the piping on the cloth part of the strap that contours the plastic cap is approximately 1 centimeter (3/8 inch) apart from the end cap itself, then the strap conforms to our specified standards and is good to go.

If, however, the piping is flush with the contour of the plastic cap, then that strap must be removed from the binding and returned to our Warranty department. If someone is at all uncertain as to whether a strap is good to go, or should be returned, then it should be returned. As with all warranty returns, we will make every effort to honor our W48 warranty commitment.

For further information, consumers may log onto www.burton.com or contact the following locations:

North America: 800-881-3138

From Austria, Belgium,
France, Germany,
Switzerland and Holland: 00800 287 866 13
(00800 BURTON 13)
From the UK: 0800 389 99 31
From Italy: 800 78 11 79

Japan: 81 48 833 0130