Burton Offers Motorola Cell Phone Cover Art

Snowboarders are just as hooked on cell phones as the rest of the world. On and off the mountain, cell phones make life a lot easier. Get separated from your crew at the mountain? Call their cell phones. Forgot to make a few calls before you ditched work to ride? Make them on the lift.

Now cell phones are even more connected to snowboarding. Kicking off a whole new trend in cell phone design, Burton and Motorola got together and created faceplates inspired by Burton snowboard graphics. The new faceplates will hit stores and Motorola.com this spring.

Motorola adapted the 2002 Burton Punch, Custom, Dominant, Motion and Nicola graphics to fit three of their phone models. And until February 15th, you can vote for your favorite faceplate at Motorola.com/burton. Check them out soon while you still have a chance to vote.