It’s been snowing for days, and the crew at Snowpark put it all to use and pushed up a twenty-six foot quarterpipe, New Zealand’s biggest to date. It was dark, windy, puking snow and the road up to Snowpark was pretty sketchy. Despite adverse weather and driving conditions a few hundred shreds turned out to watch from the legit stadium style bleacher setup.

Mason Aguirre slaughtered it and took it for the men. I think he did every trick times two. Sleeper Elijah Teter McTwisted his way into second place and men’s best trick. Third place went to CAPiTA Canadian, Dustin Craven. Dustin killed it with some very smooth moves. Dutch beauty Cheryl Maas claimed first place in the women’s division and best trick with a stylish back seven. Stay tuned to the site for a little Q and A with Cheryl and whoever else we spot lurking around town.


1. Cheryl Maas
2. Hannah Teter
3. AMK

1. Mason Aguirre
2. Elijah Teter
3. Dustin Craven

Best Trick:
Cheryl Maas, Backside 720
Elijah Teter, McTwist

Click below for a slideshow.