The sun is out! It’s been dumping for the past few days, a much needed dump in New Zealand’s uncommonly light winter. We were at Snowpark last night for the Quaterpipe event/blizzard which left about a foot and a half of fresh powder for the premier event today–the Burton New Zealand Open halfpipe. We awoke to blue sunny skies, drove out to Cardrona and were actually able to see the place. The conditions were stellar and everyone was hyped on the weather. Riders got a lot of practice in on a very smooth Superpipe, the pipe was made of real New Zealand brand snow–snow making does not go down at Cardrona.

The event kicked off at about 1:30 under bluebird skies, and it was halfpipe destruction from there on out. Mason Aguirre called it and decided not to ride, he was too sore after winning last nights quarterpipe at Snowpark. Burton’s Danny Davis definitely came correct—back seven, cab nine, switch back seven, front five, rodeo. Followed by two sevens and two nines next run–all flawless. Forum’s Louie Vito also stepped up. This kid is legit and throws down the illest Haakonflips fa sho. Burton’s Liam Griffin had this to say about Vito, “Dude is going to be huge when he gets a little more muscle.

Defending the NZ Open title was Canadian, Crispin Lipscomb. The part-time Wanaka resident held his own at in the Cardrona pipe busting out this series of big ass a frontside air, back five, front nine, back nine, to an alley-oop back five–booyah! But in the end, it was big daddy Ross Powers who took it for the dudes. The speed he carries into the pipe is ridiculous, just boosting his 1080 on every run sealed the deal, big ups Ross you Olympic gold medalist you.

The ladies kept it very real as well. Thirteen year-old Ellery Hollingsworth for example carried a McTwist, Five, to McTwist. She’s not even in high school yet. Hannah Teter threw down the real deal, with a buttery front nine on the first hit. She won, duh. Everyone rode great and tore the pipe to bits. The event was sick and went off without a hitch, can’t wait for next year.


1. Hannah Teter
2. Ellery Hollingsworth
3. Tricia Byrnes
4. Yayoi Tamura
5. Elena Hight
6. Kendall Brown

1. Ross Powers
2. Crispin Lipscomb
3. Keir Dillon
4. Louie Vito
5. Danny Davis
6. Stefan Karlsson