Burton Marketing Director Heads To Gravis

Longtime Burton VP/Director of Marketing David Schriber will be leaving the snowboard business to become general manager of Gravis, the footwear company owned by Jake Burton Carpenter and is a division of the Burton Corporation. With the move, Schriber also will become a Senior VP in the Burton Corporation.

However, nothing is going to happen too quickly. Schriber says he probably won’t be moving over to Gravis until the spring, and after he’s hired and trained a replacement marketing director for Burton. “If I get someone who comes in, learns quickly, and pushes me out, I’ll go sooner,” he says.

He’s excited about the new opportunity. “For me, personally, it’s sick,” he says. With Gravis, the management believes there’s a lot more freedom to increase the business to new levels. “There’s no ceiling, no limits, and we can just run,” Schriber says about growing Gravis’ business.