Burlington, VT — May 2003 — Rising out of Burton Snowboards’ quarter-century legacy built upon ingenuity, hallmark design and innovative construction, Analog has established itself within the snowboarding world as the most progressive, style-conscious outerwear collection available. A handful of top pros — including Trevor Andrew and Gigi Ruf — have led the creative charge for Analog over the past few years, driving many of snowboarding’s outerwear fashion trends along the way. Employing the same rider-driven design philosophy, Analog is proud to announce the launch of its new men’s and women’s streetwear line that hits shelves Fall 2003.

“Analog’s streetwear line makes a statement. It’s smarter and more stylish than what you typically find in board sports clothing,” says Analog Creative Director, Streetwear, Tyson White. “We feel that there’s something missing in the current marketplace. Young people are wiser and savvier than ever before, and they expect a brand to offer them more than just hype. They want style as well as quality. Our collection bridges the gap between high-end labels and traditional board sports apparel and, in keeping with all brands under the Burton umbrella, Analog’s streetwear line is of the highest quality.”

A proprietary fit system, unmatched quality and detailing, a variety of stylish washes and finishes, and unique logo applications define Analog’s progressive streetwear collection that includes an assortment of cleverly designed shirts, pants and jackets. “Nothing about Analog’s streetwear line is standard or average,” comments White. “From our fit to our fabrics, to the colors and patterns chosen… everything is uniquely ours.”

Analog’s streetwear development team includes skaters Heath Kirchart, Brian Sumner and Leo Romero, snowboarders Keir Dillon, JP Solberg, Romain De Marchi, Mark Frank Montoya, Kjersti Buaas and Ryan Lougee, and surfer Jun Jo. The team contributes invaluable design direction and insight to the production process, and their authentic input resonates strongly in the look, function and overall character of Analog’s new streetwear collection. “The line is heavily grounded in board sports,” proclaims Analog President David Schriber, “but design inspiration comes from everything that influences our team’s lifestyles such as art, travel and music.” By uniting elite athletes with a seasoned crew of apparel designers who have access to cutting-edge research and development resources, Analog’s streetwear line will maintain currency with, and likely drive future fashion trends that regularly trickle down from skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. This unparalleled union will allow Analog to stay a step ahead in the ever-changing world of casual apparel.

Fueled by the wishes and wants of its team, Analog’s development process began with the most elemental, basic reconsideration of both internal composition and external aesthetic. While most clothing brands forego the fundamental trials of proprietary fit and function, Analog’s preliminary production efforts entailed round after round of progressive study and development. The result — a spot-on fitting format to promote comfort, simplicity and versatility for each gender.

Analog’s debut streetwear offering consists of roughly two-dozen men’s and women’s pieces. The line hits specialty stores in August and is broken into distinct categories based on function and style. For the men’s collection, categories include: Basics, Sport, Military, Utility and Denim. For the women’s collection, categories include: Basics, Military, Novelty and Denim — featuring a selection of corduroy bottoms.

Analog’s streetwear line represents the first truly independent casual apparel born from parent company Burton Snowboards. In addition to its new apparel offering, Analog will continue to produce an extensive line of high-performance snowboard outerwear. Since casual streetwear influences outerwear, and vice versa, the ssynthesis is only natural.

“We aspire with Analog’s streetwear line to create a new possibility for people who live our lifestyle and seek the right clothes,” concludes Analog Marketing Director Michelle Nelson.

Find out more about Analog at www.analogclothing.com.