Burton Joins Free The Snow Campaign

Burton Snowboards has joined the fight to “Free the Snow” at three of the U.S.’ top ski resorts ¿ Taos in New Mexico, Alta in Utah and Ajax, part of Aspen Mountain Resort, in Colorado. In support of the campaign, Burton is opening up its creative and legal resources to help Free the Snow further its cause and allow snow enthusiasts everywhere the right to bear boards.

Throughout most of the world, snowboarders and skiers coexist on the mountainside ¿ each athlete free to pursue his or her favorite sport. Yet, out of more than 500 ski areas in North America, these three resorts still do not allow snowboarders, citing everything from “the terrain is too dangerous” to “snowboarders ruin the mountain’s topography.”

During upcoming months, Burton/Free the Snow T-shirts and Stickers will be made available at events across the country and riders are encouraged to pick them up. All money from T-shirt sales will go to support Free the Snow. In addition, the company plans to include Free the Snow in future advertisements and Burton catalogs.

Be sure to check out www.freethesnow.com for more details.