Burton Enters Sponsorship Agreement With USSA

Burton Enters Sponsorship Agreement With USSA9/30/02

Burlington, VT – Burton Snowboards and the USSA have recently entered into an outerwear sponsorship agreement – an official indication that the USSA is committed to running an organization that is truly driven by snowboarders. Essentially, the outerwear agreement means that Burton will provide clothing to USSA riders through the 2006 Olympics. The new contract does away with previous mandatory uniforming policies thanks to Burton’s willingness to allow riders to choose what they wear. In addition, USSA has agreed to eliminate all commercial sponsor markings from the US Snowboarding outerwear, a big change from its past policy.

Recognizing snowboarders’ individuality, the riders can wear whatever they want while they train and compete. In the weeks before and during the Olympics, the riders will wear Burton gear designed for and by them. Riders drive the design of everything Burton Snowboards makes, and the gear for USSA will be created through this same process.

Another major change is that the snowboarding group within the USSA will simply be known as ‘US Snowboarding’. The public has often assumed that the ‘U.S. Snowboarding Team’ is the same group as the US Olympic Team, which it isn’t. The new branding will hopefully end this confusion. The USSA will continue to develop young riders as they did with Burton riders and Olympic Gold Medalists Kelly Clark and Ross Powers. But riders will not be penalized or disadvantaged if they choose not to participate in US ‘Team’ events. America’s top competitors will continue to receive services on an à  la carte basis. In other words, riders can pick and choose the portions of the program in which they participate.

Jake Burton, founder and owner of Burton Snowboards, has sat on the USSA Board of Trustees for the past two years, which has been a great opportunity for him to encourage and influence reforms that address snowboarders’ needs. Since Burton became involved with the USSA, the organization has continued to change for the better. “Burton has elected to become the clothing supplier to US Snowboarding because the USSA has taken the necessary steps to manage their involvement in competitive snowboarding in the best way possible,” says Jake Burton. “Now that things are improving, we feel that we should take a more active role in supporting the organization and the riders rather than handing it over to a company that isn’t fully committed to snowboarding.”

Clearly, positive changes are happening within the USSA, and Burton Snowboards wants to encourage and support these changes. Jake Burton says, “I feel very positive about the direction the USSA has taken with regards to snowboarding. And we are looking forward to providing the riders with the best clothing they have ever had.”

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