South America is a pilgrimage many riders make when the North American season starts to wind down, and last August Bryan Iguchi and Mark Carter to set off to explore the Chilean Andes with photographers/filmers Wade Dunstan and David Cleeland.

“We never had too solid of a plan,” says Guch. “I've been down there so many times with itineraries and schedules, and you miss out on the opportunity to just do as the locals do. That was our big thing this time. Sometimes you miss out on the opportunities to go out where it's good, when it's good. We wanted to make sure that this trip had that kind of flexibility.”

It didn’t always come easy for the crew—they got the goods some days, hardly strapped in on others, and lucked into a last second heli day. But that’s all part of the journey.

Flip through the photo gallery above with commentary from Guch and Carter and watch the full video below.