Broken Off

We usually focus on the lighter side of snowboarding-picturesque shots with warm morning light and flawless rider style framed just so. We highlight the triumphs and shy away from the tragedy. From this perspective, young Icarus could never have flown too close to the sun.

Let’s pull back for a moment: Riders spend entire seasons filming for a one-minute movie part. There’s a lot more falling going on out there than landing. The ramifications of accidentally front flipping a spine in AK are severe-even deadly. Coming up short on the knuckle of a 75-foot table could spell the abrupt end to many things: an MCL, a season, possibly even a career.

Print media has fueled the fire of perceived invincibility, and nowadays snowboarding comes across as a bit inconsequential. In short, we’ve painted a picture too pretty. The sport looks soft and easy. So, here we present the other side of the story: the broken off, the beat up from the feet up, the played out, busted, teared up, and tore back. Reality.