Bringing Together The Generations At The 2015 JLA Banked Slalom

The Toilet Bowl put the legs to the test. You came out of the first series of turns and into a narrow, shaded gauntlet of trees. Icy in there. Then you burst out and dropped into a chattery descent, whipped fast into a 180-degree right—the Toilet Bowl—and slingshot out of the biggest corner on the third annual JLA Banked Slalom course. Crowds gathered there to cheer, heckle, and pelt riders with the occasional snowball. You got a little break after with three rhythmic banks, then it picked up again, weaving between an island of trees, into more banks, a set of four whoops, another hard right, a really tight left, and a final drawn-out right that pushed you back uphill across the finish line.

Took about 49 seconds for the fastest guys. Maybe a minute ten if you fell or blew out, which wasn't hard. This is the course that handled 166 riders putting down two runs for a combined best time, including the newly added Pro Masters division, lobbied for by artist Mike Parillo. (Parillo supplied 15 pieces of his art for the winners.)  This is the event created by Billy Anderson and his mom Jane Baer, to honor the memory of Billy's brother Jeff Anderson, who passed away on February 23, 2003. This is what brought together pros and ams, legendary riders, kids, parents, and much of the Mammoth snowboarding community on Saturday March 28.

It didn't matter if you could triple cork like local Brandon Davis, who took second in the Men's Pro, or if you were just figuring out the basics of edge control like Jeffery Anderson, Billy's daughter, who placed third in the six and under division. It was about sharing in the most basic element of snowboarding—the turn.

Beyond bringing the community together to celebrate Jeff's life, proceeds from JLA Banked help maintain Mammoth's Volcom Brothers Skatepark through the JLA Project, which were all founded in Jeff's memory. The park was opened back in 2011, and even though it's been host to plenty of sessions since then, it was fully finished this year, 12 years after it was first conceived.

From the banked slalom to the skate park, everything the JLA Project does is about giving not only to snowboarding but the community of Mammoth. To recognize the people who really go above and beyond for the community, last year the Uncle Billy Award was introduced, named for Billy Anderson's uncle who also passed away in December 2013. He was a community staple who devoted much of his time to helping those around him, including building the first guerrilla snowboard park out by Chair 12. That first award in 2014 went to Volcom Brothers skate park builder Brian Sizer. This year, the award was given to Dawn True, who Jane said helped her the most with the skate park and curated the I Am Snowboarding art project, which raised $85,000 for the park.

To round out the 2015 JLA Banked Slalom, a kids event was added on Sunday, including a category for riders as young as six and under, giving the next generation their chance to stand on the podium and continue Mammoth's legacy of hard charging snowboarding.

Here's who went the fastest this year.

(Two run combined times)

Men's Pro (Open)

1. Trevor Jacob, 1:40.27
2. Brandon Davis, 1:40.66
3. Greg Bretz, 1:40.86
4. Frank Knab, 1:42.40
5. Tucker Andrews, 1:42.79
6. Billy Anderson, 1:45.20
7. Taylor Carlton, 1:46.42
8. Scott Blum, 1:47.05
9. Mitch Richmond, 1:47.52
10. Matt Williams, 1:48.97


1. Elena Hight, 1:54.23
2. Maddie Mastro, 1:58.43
3. Stefi Luxton, 1:58.48
4. Mariah Dugan, 1:59.29
5. Brynn Hayes, 2:00.04
6. Hana Beaman, 2:02.96
7. Possum Torr, 2:06.72
8. Maribeth Kramer, 2:08.48
9. Cheyne Brooking, 2:09.20
10. Erin Wilson, 2:16.50

Pro Masters

1. Roan Rogers, 1:49.17
2. Tim Gallagher, 1:52.87
3. Dustin Del Giudice, 1:55.95
4. Brian Sizer, 1:56.65
5. Ryan Boyes, 2:02.48
6. Thomas Marx, 2:03.25
7. Boone Jones, 2:04.79
8. Tim Flynn, 2:06.99
9. Tyson Theriault, 2:11.41
10. Matt Baker, 2:12.71

Men's Amateur

1. Stefan Clausen, 1:51.52
2. Liam Whiley, 1:55.48
3. Andrew Marriner, 1:56.38
4. Matt Larsen, 1:56.48
5. Ryan Kennedy, 1:56.58
6. Zachary Nigro, 1:56.82
7. James Singleton, 1:57.14
8. Kyle Knab, 1:57.29
9. Chris Nelson, 1:57.41
10. Andy Frenkiel, 1:58.08

Boy's 13–15

1. Sam Christie, 2:01.86
2. Trent Wallentine, 2:04.27
3. Jacob Fulton, 2:19.28
4. Ocean Roberts, 2:41.00
5. Julian Harvey, 2:43.29
6. Jake Graves, 3:11.53

Girl's 13–15

1. Pige Larry, 2:40.04

Boy's 10­–12

1. Levi Brown, 2:20.70
2. Zeia Rose, 2:39.81
3. Taylor Stacy, 3:03.16

Boy's 7–9

1. O'Shea Walder, 3:02.36
2. Chase Baker, 3:05.56
3. Shane Stacy, 3:09.39

Boy's 6 And Under

1. Ewen Tomaier, 3:38.05
2. Hudson McCall, 3:43.80
3. TJ Weyland, DNF

Girl's 6 And Under

1. Spencer Anderson, 3:43.07
2. Ellie Martin, 4:54.63
3. Jeffery Anderson, 6:19.87