I am a bit prejudiced, ’cause I’ve watched Brandon progress from a crazy hucker into just as crazy of a hucker, only now with a really clean style and mad pop-basically riding at a level equal to Mr. Rich Pro over there. Byb took a two-year break just as he started to get recognition, yet he came back as if he’d never left. Brandon is supporting Alphanumeric, Millennium Three, Smith goggles, and Vans. He knows so much more than snowboarding, but that’s what he’s chosen to do for now. I’m stoked to see the turnout. Good luck, Byb. F.C. has your back! Peace.-Jeremy Jones

Jeremy: You’re almost done filming your part for Whitey’s new video The Revival, how did that go?

Brandon: Um, it was pretty rad. This will be my first video, so I’m pumped. It was fun filming with Whitey. I’ve heard a lot of crazy things about him. This one time we were building a jump, and the snow kinda sucked. Whitey started yelling at the snow because it wasn’t packing the right way. That’s when you sit back and wonder what’s going on inside his head.

I’ve seen him yell at the snow a few times, it’s pretty funny. So you just got married a month ago?

Yeah, March 26.

So how’s that treatin’ ya?

Well, you know how rad Kristi Brandon’s wife is. She’s my best friend, plus I know she likes me ’cause she married me. There’s no way of getting out of that.

Does she get along with your friends and occupation?

Yeah, she loves my friends, but who doesn’t? She’s way stoked on me snowboarding and stuff.

Who did you grow up with? Who got you into snowboarding?

Dude, I grew up with F.C. Farmington Crew, with Mitch, Marc, Up, Chris, and you, bro. Just all my friends.

Pretty good posse!

Way good posse.

The best posse.

Yeah, the best.

I heard F.C. is dead, though.

It still lives in my heart.

You went on a mission?

Yeah, for two years in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So you’re Mormon?

Yep, The Gospel’s true, the Book is blue.

Cool, dude.


Any props or any shout outs?

Yeah, dude, props to all my friends, F.C. and family, all my sponsors, my wife, mom and dad.

Okay, good interview, Brandon, peace out.