Both Sides Of The Lens

There’s a lot of dudes doubling as both riders and filmers these days. You’ve got Grenier documenting all the SFK homies. Jed Anderson logging lots of Cheese Dicks antics. TJ Schneider creating a record with Snowboard Realm. And Scott Stevens out there keeping it weird and rad.

Here’s a sample of some of our favorites and links to take you to their sites. Click the next page link at the bottom of post to check out every dudes offering. Keep killing time.

Chris Grenier

Why do you make movies?

Because it’s fun. It gives you a little minor feeling of accomplishment for the day.

What kind of equipment do you use? Camera? Editing software?

I use a little canon hv30 with a nice little fisheye. And final cut for editing.

Which other movie makers do you admire?

Carlino, Justin, Gary, Ty Evans, Jon Holland, Pierre Wikberg, Tanner Pendleton and Roobs, whoever made the alien workshop video. Scotty Stevens is pretty legit at editing.

Where can we find your work?

I edited these skate videos in high school called grody to the max. Or on Vimeo or

Do you think the Internet era of today is good for movie making or does it dilute the art?

I like crappy little Internet edits that I will only watch once or twice. But, I think I will still always buy a DVD of a good movie, I can watch that over and over. I think that they are both cool.

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Jed Anderson

Why do you make movies?
It gives me something to do when I’m bored. I like making edits to hopefully make people laugh or get psyched.

What kind of equipment do you use? Camera? Editing software?

I have a pretty shitty set up. Trying to upgrade soon. I use a cannon elph and the old imovie. Haha.

Which other movie makers do you admire?

Graham Foy, Josh Baydala, Chris Grenier, Micah Hollinger, Beagle, tilt mode, etc…

Where can we find your work?

Do you think the Internet era of today is good for movie making or does it dilute the art?
I think it is good for movie making in some ways, but bad in others. It sucks because some people want their movies to be seen in a certain way, theater or something…but for me its great i just want a large number of viewers

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TJ Schneider

Why do you make movies?
I just like making things .

What kind of equipment do you use? Camera? Editing software?
When i was younger i used to set up the wildest creations to make movies. We had an old VHS recorder that I would set up in front of the TV on a chair. I would edit shots together then take that tape and replay it on the TV and re-record it to the video camera with a ghetto blaster sitting in front to dub music… by the time I had a finished edit the footage was such poor quality … it was amazing. In 2002 I graduated to imovie and just this past September I moved on to final cut. I’m also learning color for color correction and getting files to look how i want them , but this is new and a wild looking program for me. This summer I was using my canon g9 a lot , I really like the time lapse mode on that.

Why The MoonThis is the longest movie I have made to date, and has a lot of different ideas in it I know it’s hard for people to watch but I don’t really care, really wouldn’t matter if no one watched them I would still make them.

Dear FatherThis is the only movie I have ever had the idea of making before I made it , I was laying in bed on my Dad’s birthday he passed away in ’02. I got up out of bed at 1 am or so and made this video until about 6 am. This video is also hard to show , I think it has a lot of emotion in it and a lot of people in the line of work I do will think it’s pussy or emo or whatever .. I feel sorry for people that have no emotions or feeling.

Darling you are Beautiful but…This one has to do with nature’s nature and man’s new nature, trees and leaves vs. concrete and barb wire, we think natural is beautiful, but we want to change everything.

Recently I bought a canon 7d. I haven’t made too many movies with this yet…

Homeless – “I didn’t really plan on making a movie from this day ,  I remember filming the one shot of everyone walking past Brad ( hiv + homeless sign ) and saying ‘Holy Fuck’ to myself , I looked up at my homeboy kale and said “that was a really powerful moment”.. to see that and film that. This video changed my life .”

Then for the realms i use a sony hdr hc 9 SE3 EP1

The Snowboard Realms


This year I also had to drop in on a new computer set up , my old power book was just lugging a long trying to make movies, hours for rendering and color correction stuff … So now I have a new powerbook which flies through it, if I wasn’t on the road so much I’d get myself a desk top to blast through things.

Which other movie makers do you admire?
I really like what Lauren Graham has been doing A few years ago I saw a short 8mm movie she made and I remember saying I want to make films like that. She’s amazing and I love pretty much everything she does.  My friend TJ Nelson (here) is also amazing, he’s a genius. Makes the most simple videos look so pretty. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be making movies other than the realms. This video he made has the most beautiful shots in it of jelly fish that remind me of a time in my life that was so amazing, when i loved much more than i love now

After seeing that video I started to turn my little painting time lapses into short films, other than TJ’s stuff I don’t really watch anything else. The random video here and there, but I’m more interested in what people I know are doing than people I don’t.

Where can we find your work? has all of my short art films and such has all the realms videos

Do you think the Internet-era of today is good for movie making or does the flood of internet videos dilute the art?
Nah , I think that everyone should be making movies , everyone should be making art , everyone should be sharing their feeling their emotions their ideas , I may not watch them but I think the more the better .

Scott Stevens

Why do you make movies?

It's pretty simple I've been filming my friends skating forever and it's a hobby that I’ve had since I was in high school. I actually have made like almost ten skate/ snow oriented little movies. Someday I'm gonna get them all on dvd and have copies or put them on YouTube. But, yeah it's fun and sometimes pretty gratifying to go out with your homies and make a little recap of the day. It kinda gets people stoked.  You’re not trying to film an “end all be all” video part so there's hardly any stress. although the internet is totally over saturating snowboard film making its just something you have to respect and roll with. But ill say one thing is there's still nothing like buying a vid and watching it on a big tv and not a small little pixilated YouTtube screen.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I just have a small little canon hg 10 with a baby death. The lens is a must!!! Don't skimp just get the schnieder optics, 'cause weak ass wide angle lens’ just look lame. Skate style all the way. And final cut. I suck at titles but I wanna get after effects goin' someday.

Which other movie makers do you admire?
Hunh? Burtner “Think Thank”! Mack Dawg, Absinthe, Justin Meyer, Carlino, Gary Milton and Robot Food holy crap!  Those movie shaped my snowboarding and film making in so many ways. And Transworld skate, Baker vids, Girl/ Chocolate vids. The skate world spawns so many great snow ideas.

Where can we find your work?,,, are usually where my edits go.

Do you think the Internet era of today is good for movie making or does it dilute the art?

Yeah I guess I kinda answered this but yeah it's good but bad, u know. It's here and all you can do is produce. You definitely get snowboarding overload and that sucks. I remember when you just waited for September for the new vids and that's all you really went on. When I was in high school I remember calling the local shop like everyday waiting for the Forum video “True Life” to get in. But now you see mindblowing snowboarding on a daily basis. F#!#k it, the Internet is here so you just gotta roll with the media overload.