According to industry estimates, what's being sold where?

'98/99 Worldwide Wholesale Boot Sales • A total of 1.92-million pairs were sold.

• 552,000 sold in United States, 518,000 were sold in Europe, and 850,000 were sold in Japan

• In United States, step-in boots made up 28 percent of sales, or 156,000 pairs.

• The average wholesale price was 140 dollars, and the average retail price was 210 dollars.

• Wholesale sales totaled 268-million dollars worldwide

1998-99 Worldwide Wholesale Binding Sales• A total of 1,695,000 pairs of bindings were sold.

• 514,000 bindings were sold in United States, 481,000 were sold in Europe, and 700,000 were sold in Japan

• In the United States, step-ins make up 30 percent of sales, or 165,000 pairs.

• The average wholesale price was 86 dollars, and average retail price was 125 dollars.

• Wholesale sales totaled 146-million dollars worldwide

Step-in Market Unit Marketshare in the United States• Ninety-one percent of the market is controlled by four brands: Clicker has 35 percent unit share, Burton 27 percent, Switch eighteen percent, and Rossignol eleven percent.

'98/99 Worldwide Wholesale Board Sales• A total of 1,589,000 boards were sold in the world last season.

• 485,000 snowboards were sold in North America, 454,000 in Europe, and 750,000 were sold in Japan.