Bonfire Launches Ignition Tour

About the IGNITION Tour:

When: Weekends in October and November 2001

Where: A select specialty snowboard shop in each of the following population centers: NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Seattle.

What: “Grassroots”, on-site, promotional sabotage to drive public interest and fuel the sport of snowboarding at a consumer level. Managed by Bonfire in conjunction with its retailers to create an atmosphere of excitement and to drive retail sales.
à'• Bonfire’s Team Presence
à'• Product Raffles (Snowboards, Outerwear, much more)
à'• Giveaways from participating Companies
à'• Expose local talent
à'• Video Screening Party Radio
à'• Ad in Transworld Snowboarding fall issue to announce the event

Bonfire Snowboarding is growing in such an interesting way. Slowly it has managed to migrate in an upward direction in an industry that has seen many companies come and go.The insides of Bonfire are comprised of some of the industry’s most visionary designers and developers, and talented riders.

Bonfire wants to give something back to a few retailers who have supported us then and now. Bonfire is not an in your face company, and we don’t need to be. Our product and riders speak for themselves. Our tour is designed around the locale. Not every region is doing the same thing, retailers have different ideas and visions, we are helping them. This plays a vital role in our industry. We are helping retailers to remain strong players in the softgoods business (especially by many “mall” stores cloning our style) by providing visibility, hype, and help.

Working cohesively with partners and local talent (artists, DJ’s, etc…) we plan on continuing this event every year.

Bonfire has seen record growth during the past 3 seasons and being selected by retailers to be awarded the title of “Snowboard Apparel Supplier of the Year ¿ 2000” To give something back to the industry and consumers who’ve made us who we are, and to help launch the best line of apparel we’ve ever made, we created the IGNITION Tour.


Bonfire has been innovating, elevating, and refining high performance snowboard apparel for 12 years. Our riding wear collection is designed to give individuals the tools and confidence to find the right product for their snowboarding needs. Innovating, provoking, and inspiring those around us to never be categorized, we hold true to the values surrounding snowboarding and the lifestyle. Maintain your own identity, create your style, and choose your own line.