A Step Towards Bonding Snowboard Gear With The Environment
Inside Working Holiday Distribution—The New Home of Bond Outerwear & SLVDR Clothing

TransWorld took a field day to explore the newly founded and appropriately named Working Holiday Distribution offices, encompassing Bond Outerwear and SVLDR Clothing. While both companies arose independently, they, as well as their creators planted the root of their business heavily in social and environmental responsibility.

Based on "the bond that all snowboarders share, no matter where you’re from, or what career you may have, or whatever else you’re into, if you snowboard, you have something in common" describes co-founder Christian Didrichsen. "Bond also relates to the connection snowboarders, and people who enjoy the outdoors in general, have with nature and the environment, and that is where the environmentally friendly outerwear comes into play." In attaining this, the team is committed to making environmentally friendly outerwear without sacrificing performance or style.

Bond's progressive outerwear line has gained a name as "the first carbon neutral outerwear company" from environmentally-minded practices that stem from their involvement in production as well as the materials that make up their outerwear. Recycled nylons, polyesters, plastics and organic materials combine to create a sleek, yet surprisingly technical product offering. Every single piece of outerwear, layering, and accessory utilizes a composition of recycled and repurposed materials with very few, if any, new materials. In fact, the only newly produced elements found on the outerwear are generally the zippers, dyes and waterproof coating. From the speckled, recycled buttons and barrel locks to coconut husk fibers that make up the some of the lush fabrics—each piece represents a strong step forward in textile production.


And while no company, at least currently, can be completely "green" or "sustainable," the heads at Working Holiday are at least taking a dynamic approach and shift away from other destructive production methods. While critics can find fault in transportation effects and logistics, the fact that the company is offsetting their production with carbon neutralizing investments in their factory and doing something rather than nothing is worthy of attention.

Building a team isn't out of the question either with the recent addition of TJ Schneider as well as a handful of am riders. The company also dropped a run of limited edition (450 to be exact) boards laced with the artwork of Steve Nazar (Cartoonist, originator of the classic T&C surf characters and creator of Big Dog Sportwear graphics among other things) to build up some hype.

SLVDR on the other hand, prides itself with involvement on the social side of things by using a generous cut of sales to donate action sports product to deserving youth around the world. These sports played a key role in the development of SLVDR and part of fulfilling this brand's mission is to deliver the same opportunities of activity and life for others.

When asked about the main reasons for starting SLVDR, founder Rob Myers says, "I started SLVDR to fulfill a few personal desires—to work on an affordable luxury sportswear line that featured my attention to detail, fit, and quality fabrics; to have control of a brand from the inception and influence all aspects of the company; and to finally to give respect and homage to the boardsports that have shaped and guided my life since I was eleven years old."

Although SLVDR is tackling social woes instead of environmental ones, the recent merge with Bond could result in similar assembly and production practices. But for now, the clothing is positioned as "affordable luxury"—using premium materials and unique details to create a quality product and using it as a means for elevating other's unfortunate social standings. In a year's time, Rob would "love to see SLVDR in a place that everyone who appreciates the product and gets the brand direction has an opportunity to support the company. The more people we reach with the brand means more deserving kids that can receive support from our donations. SLVDR is not just about cutting and pasting a logo on garments and collecting a check. A friend once said 'If I am given the mic, I want to say something meaningful' that is how I feel about SLVDR."