Boeri, Jackson Hole, And RSN Host Contest

This combination is a recipe for a great promotion.

So you’re a midsized brand with ambition. How do you get the word out about your product while reinforcing your existing Web-orientated marketing strategy?

If you are helmet-manufacturer Boeri, you sit down with some existing marketing partners such as the cable-television-network RSN, easily the winter-sports industry’s biggest communications player, and Jackson Hole, one of the nation’s most desirable destination resorts. Then the three of you put together a prize package too good to pass up.

One lucky winner has scored a week, fully hooked, at Jackson Hole for themself and five friends, riding in the fine company of snow-bros Tommy Moe and Adam Hostetter. Fame is provided through RSN shooting a spot for their vast resort-TV network¿(but whether that’s fifteen minutes or fifteen seconds depends on how telegenic the winning posse is).

Anyone hitting the Boeri, RSN, or Jackson Hole Web site was able to enter the drawinf via the RSN competition page. By the date of the drawing on February 9, 40,000 entries had been received (and added to future mailing lists).

But because the majority of these entries came directly via RSN, an important element was the click-through rate to Boeri’s Web site: in just two weeks during the draw between January 1 and 15, around 6,000 viewers clicked through, with similar rates for the entire duration of the contest.

While the competition itself was neatly crafted, Boeri’s Robyn Hasson points out that this type of cross promotion works best when fully integrated on several levels.

“RSN gets brand visibility through all of our on-snow demos, our tie with Volvo, and in our consumer shows,” she says. “Our brand is extended through their considerable Internet and television reach.”

Meanwhile Jackson Hole and Boeri’s tie-up leads to numerous synergies.

“Boeri provides discounted helmets to local kids and season-pass holders, and helps us push safety issues,” says Jackson Hole’s Keri Cooper. “The value for us is what can be provided to employees, consumers, at retail, and in overall safety awareness.”

RSN is also stoked on the alliance. “Jackson Hole represents destination travel, while Boeri represents safety,” says RSN’s Drew Simmons. “This is a well-crafted series of cross promotions where we work with a bunch of great partners.”¿Matthew Kreitman