Bode Merrill’s Medium Quarterpipe Invitational Photo Gallery

All the Action from Bode Merrill's MMQPI at HCSC

Mount Hood was the place to be on Monday for Merrill's Medium Quarterpipe Invitational (MMQPI) hosted by Bode Merrill and High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The event, which in previous years has been a mini-pipe contest, switched things up and featured a medium-sized quarterpipe that was 12-15 feet high.

“We almost had to cancel the event here and then at the last minute we were able to build a quarterpipe, and it actually worked out better than anticipated,” Bode told us following the event.  “It was great. There was solid riding and good stuff from everyone, so it actually it turned out to be the best time ever,” he continued.

The quarterpipe was manicured by HCSC's fleet of down and dirty diggers who kept it in pristine condition throughout all three of the heavy-hitting heats.


Erik Leon. Photo: Marc O’Malley

The first two heats were rider-judged, and the final round was judged by all the riders that didn't make the cut. Ben Ferguson was boosting super high throughout the day and earned the coveted top spot. Erik Leon took Best Grab and second place, while Scott Blum picked up third and the Best Plant award. Stefi Luxton won the first-ever ladies division.

As far as highlights from the MMQPI Bode said, “The biggest highlight for me was probably hiking the quarterpipe with all my friends. In the years past, it's been a mini-pipe [event] and everyone's doing their single runs, and no one was hiking and hanging out together. But this year,  it didn't feel like a contest at all, it just felt like a sweet quarterpipe session, any day of the week. It was awesome.”

Check out all the rad action in the gallery above and stay tuned for the video recap coming soon.


1. Ben Ferguson

2. Erik Loen

3. Scott Blum

4. Bode Merrill

5. Nils Mindnich

6. Scott Stevens

7. Louif Paradis

8. Scotty Lago

9. Red Gerard

10. Gabe Ferguson

Best Hand Plant: Scott Blum

Best Grab: Erik Leon

Best Flip: Bode Merrill

Highest Air: Ben Ferguson

Worst Bail: Chris Grenier

Lady: Stefi Luxton


Scott Stevens. Photo: Marc O’Malley

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