Board Test Intro

One board a season, that’s all we ask. The boards in this year’s Top 25 do everything well, for sure. But weknow it’s not always that simple. For whatever reason-whether it’s where you live, your foot size or weight,or just your own funky style of riding-you may need something more particular than a freeride board, oreven a quiver.

Don’t be fooled by the labels, though. There isn’t a board in this issue-freeride, freestyle, orfreecarve-that can’t do everything from stomp a backside three to carve a turn in the fresh. So if you happento come across more than lint in those cargo pockets-and you get to ride often enough to not only try, butactually focus on, a specific part of snowboarding-read on. We didn’t forget about you. For WideBoards, see page ??. For a complete list of every board out there, dial up: