BluebirdWax Adds Marc Frank Montoya

BluebirdWax and apparel has just added Marc Frank Montoya to their list of heavy hitters. He joins his friends Kurt Wastell, Bryan Iguchi and a list of others too embarrassing to the other companies to talk about. If you don’t know who Marc Frank is, then you’d better go find a quite place to think over your problems.

Marc’s comment on the deal:”Right on Willie, thanks for the offer! I’m sorry I didn’t reply a while ago with that last email. I got sidetracked with all this other shit goin’ on! It’s just crazy. I’m like a chicken with the mof-ckin’ head cut off, for real. But yeah, that’ sounds perty coo. I’ll mos def do my part to blow that shit up, for shurrz. I’m stoked to be on a team that Kurt and Iguchi are too. Knawmean?!!!

BluebirdWax is now selling online. Everything is priced at retail, so don’t stop shopping the shops. To check out Marco and the rest of the team go to