blower: Snowboarding Inside Out

blow·er ‘bl (- )r n (bef. 12c) 1: one that blows 2: a device for producing a current of air or gas 3: braggart 4 Brit: telephone 5: “a new photo and art book by the guys at Burton.”

The snowboard industry is a fickle beast wherein images of art are often undervalued or misused-sacrificed under the constraints of timeliness-in the name of marketing. Unlike a magazine or catalog, however, a book can be carefully orchestrated and designed to be both appealing and timeless, hopefully, for years to come. Blower serves as a venue for photographs and illustrations that, for one reason or another, were never used to their fullest potential. The book is the brainchild of Eric Kotch, Jeff Curtes, and Jared Eberhardt, the three have been working for Burton together in some capacity long enough to know snowboarding inside out.

Blower begins with a serene cruise through a section called “Nature And Environment,” which is full of all the beautiful images that our jaded eyes mostly take for granted in our wandering search for snow.

Highlighting Burton’s finest, from Brushie’s reign in the pipe to Haakon riding down some impossible-looking cliff at Baker this year, is the aptly named chapter, “Professional Snowboarding.” “People” is made up of portraits and lifestyle pictures that accurately expose the sometimes ugly realities of a traveling snowboarder’s life and the logistical nightmare that is a company photo shoot. The “Art” chapter is dedicated to the creatives who have worked with Burton over the years, from board graphics to overall design.

And finally, ” … The Process” explains what goes into marketing one of the world’s most prominent snowboard companies, and the relationship between Burton and its dynamic designer Jager Dipaola Kemp.

“Shavemart,” put together by Aaron Draplin and Jason “J1” Gerardi, is a hilarious piece of consumer irony that could only find a home in a coffee-table book about snowboarding.

All the photos, illustrations, and designs are carefully indexed and offer a resource so that readers can learn just a little more.

If all that isn’t enough visuals, there’s also a 30-minute DVD included. The DVD will scare and amaze, showcasing clips from Burton’s past movies and commercials (actually, I’ve never seen it, but Jon Boyer did it, so … ).-E.R.

Blower is available at major booksellers, including Barnes & Noble,, Borders, et cetera, and Burton retailers for $49.95.