Bleiler, White Land Podium At Third Olympic Grand Prix

Shaun White. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Shaun White. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Shaun White secured a spot on the U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team today with his second pipe win of the Grand Prix tour. While few riders managed to hold down a run free of falls, Shaun snuck in first with his initial run. The left pipe wall was also sending riders inward and many struggled to land tricks. The weeklong event might be taking its toll….

Shaun’s first run started with a backside air, frontside ten double cork, switch ten double cork, frontside five and backside nine. On his victory lap, Shaun tried to stomp the double McTwist again, a trick that’s been eluding him during the finals, but botched the landing. Bet on him getting this one on lock before the next stop in Park City though.

Zach Black and Dylan Bidez are up and coming riders to note as they rode into the fifth and ten spots, respectively. Zach Black upped the level again by stomping a switch backside ten. Wednesday’s champ, Danny Davis scuffed landings on both of his runs to fall out of the top ten. 2002 Bronze Medalist JJ Thomas had some of the biggest airs of the day, linking up two tens, a seven and a nine for third place. Louie Vito, the only other rider to link up two double corks put together a solid run.

In the women’s competition Elena Hight put up a solid run, lacing a method, frontside nine, backside nine, frontside seven, switch seven. Good as it was, Elena just didn’t have enough boost and amplitude to land the first place spot. But Gretchen Bleiler did. Hannah Teter stayed in the top three, leaving her in an idle position for the Olympic Team.

Slopestyle continues tomorrow in Mammoth’s Main Park. Stay tuned to and for updates. And catch the Grand Prix Pipe series at Park City, Utah January 22nd and 23rd. See how some of the top runs broke down below….



Men’s Final Results
Shaun White, 47.00
Louie Vito, 45.60
JJ Thomas, 45.00
Luke Mitrani, 44.20
Zach Black, 43.30
Steve Fisher, 41.90
Scotty Lago, 39.40
Matt Ladley, 39.30
Elijah Teter, 37.90
Dylan Bidez, 30.40


Women’s Final Results
Gretchen Bleiler 44.10
Elena Hight, 43.40
Hannah Teter, 42.80
Kelly Clark, 41.80
Ellery Hollingsworth, 41.60
Holly Crawford, 33.30
Clair Bidez, 26.50
Madeline Schaffrick, 24.70