Binding Technological Variations

Technological Variations

If you're looking for increased binding convenience without giving up your perfectly broken-in boots, the solution is a category of bindings that combine elements of both strap bindings and step-ins. A crossbreed, if you will.

Though many companies have attempted to sell alternative binding devices, two manufacturers in particular have successfully carved out a niche in this demanding market: Flow and Belligerent.

With its unique look and feel, Flow has truly developed its own breed of bindings. The Reclining Hiback allows for rear entry into the single foot strap. Slide your boot in and pull up on the highback to engage. Quick and simple entry and exit. Since you're only moving the highback, the single strap (it's extra wide and wraps snugly over the top of your boot) stays right where you like it.

Belligerent first introduced the Sinch Strap three seasons ago. An accessory riders can add to their existing bindings, it offers an upgrade to standard technology. Though Sinch Straps look like ordinary straps, they are attached to an arm that locks on the outside of the baseplate. In one motion, straps are locked into place. Once you've set the straps to your desired tension, there's no additional ratcheting or adjusting needed all day. This season, look for a complete binding featuring the Sinch Strap. The same convenience, no assembly required.