Billy and Jeff Anderson

Billy and Jeff Anderson are two of the most unique people I have ever come across. It seems that no matter where we are, we always have a great time. Very rarely do you meet two people who are so stoked on life. Billy just might be one of the happiest guys on the planet-always smiling and laughing. On the other hand, Jeff’s personality runs the full range of emotions. He has that unique ability to go from super happy to super pissed in about two seconds. Their personalities may be very different, but they still get along really well. It makes sense that each attacks the snow in his own special way. While both love snowboarding, Billy is more at home freeriding, while Jeff thrives on contests. Who is to say which is the better way to go?

Billy is one of those guys who looks for the positive in every situation-the type of guy who buys the first round of beers. The type of guy who spots you a bet in Vegas, right after the dealer calmly took the last of your cash. The type of guy you could trust with your girlfriend. The best part of Billy is he hasn’t forgotten that snowboarding is fun. He loves snowboarding and rides no matter what the conditions are-neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can stop this man. He can string the smoothest kicker lines together and ride well enough through all of the qualifying rounds at the U.S. Open to get into the main event, or even lead the Baker Banked Slalom through the first day of competition.

Jeff is emotional, dramatic, artistic, and wears his heart on his sleeve-that can be good and bad. He’s a natural pipe ripper with a strong skate influence. Whoever helped Jeff onto his first snowboard convinced him that he was regular. He is, in fact, goofy. He loves drama, and the more dramatic the situation, the better he performs. If Jeff disagrees with a score that he has received, he’s instantly pissed. But the more pissed he gets, the better he rides. He knows that he just has to just rise above it all, and he does. It’s the best way to prove those motherf-kers wrong.


“Jeff has a side that most of the snowboarding world never sees. He is kind, caring, and extremely sensitive. Being Jeff’s mom has never been dull or boring. Although he has been a parenting challenge, I have loved every minute. Jeffrey phone home!

“I always know where Billy is. He is the greatest kid and best big brother. He’s a person you can always count on and is a great friend.

“When they were kids, their rooms described them to a 'T.’ Bill’s room was blue and white pinstriped-real class. Jeff’s room was bright red-wild and crazy.

“Together they are the best combination. I couldn’t be prouder of them, and I have loved being the mom of snowboarding kids.”-Billy and Jeff’s Mom