Big Boulder Trans AM Stop 2 : Results and Photo Gallery

Billy Keil took the day off from cutting down trees and came out to the 2nd stop of the TransAM. Photo: Greg Furey
Back lip through the Giro kink.
All of the finalist getting the run down for finals.
Gap to back lip on the Salomon Creeper.
Alex Caccamo front 3s over the Big Boulder hip.
Jack Mitchell sending it on the Salomon Creeper.
Another TransAM and another backflip!
Jon Baker back lips ont Boulder Bombs closeout.
LJ Henriquez needs a smaller shirt but that didn’t stop him from taking home the Crumb Crusher award!
Kevin Huff transferring to the O’Neil down box from the box.
Kevin goes front board to front board on the O’Neil transfer feature.
Want to impress the judges.. then just put down a 270 on the Giro kink right in front of them.
Alex back 3s over the TWSNOW jump.
There was plenty of great views of the course and here you have Cody Voit putting up a method over the TWSnow jump #billsmafia.
Maggie Leon boardslides her way through the Giro kink and right into 1st place.
Maggie leaning on the Salomon Creeper.
Colton Andrews getting blunted on the Salomon Creeper.
Ethan Balick puts up a method during his O’Neil Transfer.
Cody Voit came down from Buffalo since there wasn't any Bills game.
Cody getting inverted on the TWSnow jump.
If he had a bigger board he could slide all 3 Giro rails.
Laying it out on the TWSnow jump.
Colton Andrews takes flight over the TWSnow jump and would himself in 2nd place.
Kevin Huff gets all twisted on the TWSnow jump.
Crumb Crusher: LJ Henriquez.
Mens: 1st Jake Coleman 2nd Colton Andrews 3ed Liam Doyal.
Maverick Best Trick Award: Mikey Kim.
Womens: 1st Maggie Leon 2nd Kaleah Opal (not pictured) 3rd Addy Gardner (not pictured).

Trans Am Stop 2 Big Boulder : Photo Gallery and Results

Photos: Greg Furey

Over 60 of the mid-Atlantic's hungriest riders threw down at stop two of the 2016 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM at Big Boulder Park in PA.

Big thanks to Pat Morgan and the Big Boulder Park crew for putting together a classic TransAM course with so many fun options. The riding caliber was high but standing out was men's third place finisher, Liam Doyle, showing consistent riding with a slew of different tricks and a crowd favorite one-footer over the TWSNOW Take Flight jump feature. Jake Colman, your top winner on men's side, earned his podium finish with super technical tricks like a backside 270 to the middle runway rail and a 270 to fakie on the down tube.

On the women's side, Maggie Leon rode her way into top honors with a diverse combo of new school and old school tricks from one drop to the next. Another women's standout, Addie Gardner, laid down a solid frontside boardslide on the down-front-down-front-down rail, showing the entire field she meant business.


Once again, special thanks to Big Boulder for hosting stop two of the 2016 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM tour! See you out at stop three at Brandywine, Ohio: REGISTER HERE.

For all 2016 TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAM tour info and registration links please visit

The 2016 TransAM tour would not be possible without the commitment of our partners and sponsors: SALOMON SNOWBOARDS, O'NEILL, GIRO, Waterville Valley Resort, Big Boulder, Brandywine, Angel Fire Resort, Big Sky Resort, Mt Seymour, and Bear Mountain.

Women’s Results:
1. Maggie Leon
2. Kaleah Opal
3. Addison Gardner

Men’s Results:
1. Jake Colman
2. Colton Andrews
3. Liam Doyle

Crumb Cruncher (Pint Sized Ripper Award)
LJ Henriquez

Maverick Award (Best Trick)
Mikey Kim (Recovery to Boardslide on The Giro Rail Section)

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