Full Gallery From Fenway : Big Air Snowboarding Lands in Boston

Words & Captions: Hondo
Photos: Cole Martin

Well, the first thing you need to know about the Polartec Big Air event at Fenway Park was that it was cold. And I'm not talking, "it's cold out and I live in California so I think 30 degrees is insane," cold. This was holy shit Boston cold. The second thing you need to know about the Polartec Big Air is that Sage Kotsenburg, Jamie Anderson, and Ty Walker, all US Olympians who were supposed to be in the event, didn't end up riding in finals. But that's okay, because even without the big-name riders, it was still pretty damn crazy to see people hit a massive, 140-foot scaffolding jump in the world's most historic baseball stadium.

Ten guys and six girls were in the main event on this wicked cold Thursday night. The format of the contest was a little different. Your best two out of three jumps counted towards your score, but the catch was that you had to land two different tricks. Make sense? OK. The ladies were the first to ride, with the likes of Jessica Jansen, Spencer O'Brien, and Karly Shorr all riding well but they just weren't able to make the podium. In the end, the top three were Brooke Voight who took third, Jenna Blasman who got second, and Julia Marino who ended up in the top spot.

After the ladies, it was the guys turn to hit the massive scaffolding that was four times the size of The Green Monster. Some of the standouts were Eric Beauchemin and his sick cab 5, Seppe Smitts whose frontside spins are some of the best in the game, and Lyon Farrell, who I've personally never heard of before but hot damn was he riding good. Unfortunately though none of those guys made the top three. In third place was New England's own Chas Guldemond. It was awesome to see Chas do well in this contest. He always rips, and tonight was no exception. In second place was Burton young gun Mikey Ciccarelli. Mikey has grown quite a bit from being one of the Burton smalls. The dude was riding with some serious style and poise during the evening's event. He's going to be one to watch during the next few years. The winner probably shouldn't come to a surprise to people who follow big air event, Max Parrot. His all black kit that he has been running this year is pretty sick, like some kind of triple cork ninja. This event was no exception and he tripled himself in for the win.

Having big air events in places like Fenway Park is cool. It gets people who normally don't get to see this type of snowboarding stoked and maybe even convinces them to try it themselves, albeit on much smaller slopes. Hopefully next year is just a tiny bit warmer, though.

Full Results:

1st – Max Parrot
2nd – Mikey Ciccarelli
3rd – Chas Guldemond
4th – Seppe Smits
5th – Jonas Boesiger
6th – Mons Roisland
7th – Eric Beauchemin
8th – Lyon Farrell
9th – Michael Schaerer
10th – Sage Kotsenburg

1st – Julia Marino
2nd – Jenna Blasman
3rd – Brooke Voigt
4th – Spencer O'Brien
5th – Jessika Jenson
6th – Karly Shorr