Better Late Than Never

Southern California resorts, from Mountain High to Bear Mountain and the little, possibly deserted resorts in between, have been receiving (comparatively) massive amounts of fresh, “powder snow as of late. Enough “powder snow” in fact that the Forum Youngblood event scheduled to pop off at Bear yesterday, was cancelled indefinately. This did not deter sweet pro’s J.P. Walker and Lauri Heiskari as they were spotted powder-hounding with the gen pop all day.

Snow levels have reportedly dropped to as low as 1,000-1,500 feet. Bear Mountain has already recorded twenty-four to twenty-eight inches, and I’d say that was six to eight inches ago, as the snow is still showering (11:00 pm, Saturday night).

Tomorrow morning should be pretty fun, and to all the Waldo’s hiking the scene the past two days, Jared Johnson asks, “WTF? You won’t go ride powder, you don’t even like riding powder … do you want to buy some gear?

If you know what’s good for you, get out there and get some good old fashioned snowboarding under your belt—or be prepared for some serious heckling and hurt feelings.

An additional one to two inches is expected to fall during the day today, and Monday’s forecast reads, “Mostly clear and warmer with drier northwest breezes. So untangle your chains, hit the drive-thru Starb’s, and head up to the local snowboard resort for a find more rare than the Chupacabra itself—blower turns south of Los Angeles.