Eric Jackson officially launched the 31st Volume by launching into an insane canyon gap in Eagle Pass and landing on the cover of the 2017-2018 Gear Guide. As we have for some time now, check out the photos above and the story below to see get a behind the scenes look at how the image came together with photographer Tim Zimmerman.

Words and Photos by Tim Zimmerman

Lib-Tech filmer Sean Lucey and I were in Revelstoke, BC to shoot Eric Jackson and Chris Rasman at Eagle Pass Heliskiing last March as part of our #roadtoholybowly dream edit.

Eric Jackson and Chris Rasman. PHOTO: Tim Zimmerman

The weather had gotten intense and made the snowpack in the Monashees pretty touchy, so we needed to be smart about staying off big slopes. Eagle Pass is great because they can fly even if it's dumping: if the pilot can see the trees you're going snowboarding! The day before the cover was shot we were hitting some really cool pillow zones, just kind of playing mini-golf on low-angle, protected features that offered some kind of contrast in the stormy conditions.

We were about to wrap up but had enough time for one more run and our guide was excited to show us a canyon gap he thought the boys might find interesting. We made our way around a promising looking pillow-filled canyon and checked it out from below. Sure enough, there was a massive gap with a sniper-sized landing that went from one side of the pillow hallway to the other. Our pilot Aaron let us head back up to scope the takeoff from the air and everything seemed to line up. The clouds & fog were closing in quickly and it was time to thread our way back through the weather and call it for the night.

Eagle Pass flies even when it is dumping. PHOTO: Tim Zimmerman

The next day, our sights were set on a single mission, but we needed to take a mandatory no-camera-bag lap to warm up the legs & feel out the snow conditions. We pinned it back to the jump to build the takeoff and throw some snowballs across the gap to check trajectory and speed. Eric & Chris each took a run in to the takeoff & decided it was go time. They ripped down to the helicopter for a bump back up to the top.

Lucey made his way out onto a little precipice where he could film the takeoff and landing, while I found an angle that would make the gap look its most massive for a photo. Eric came in hot and lobbed a stylish frontside 540, disappearing in a powder puff of the best snow we found during the trip. Rasman hit him up on the radio and got some advice concerning speed. We weren't sure if he took it to heart because he launched the gap like it was double the size and landed 50' past Eric's landing but somehow still stomped it…

I felt like the photo was special when I shot it, but you never know where something is going to end up. It's a huge honor for me to have the cover of this year's Gear Guide. I remember pouring over every single product in these issues when I was just a grom and it's awesome for me to think that some kid out there is going to have this issue dog-eared for months until he gets his dream board. I hope he gets to ride it down a pillow stack!

Props to Eric for wearing the yellow jacket that caught the photo editor's eye, and props to Jeff Pensiero at Baldface for sponsoring him with it.

A cover was born. PHOTO: Tim Zimmerman

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