Beer and Boardin’: Hella Big Air Copper Mountain Results + Gallery

Words and photos: Taylor Boyd

The relationship between beer and snowboarding has been intertwined since the first time someone slid sideways down a mountain and wanted to celebrate at the bottom. Snowboarding has come a long way since then, and I suppose the same could be said of beer. And out of a formal partnership between boards and barley in their modern form comes 10 Barrel Brewing’s Hella Big Air event. The format is simple. People huck themselves while other people watch with a cool one in hand.


Watching snowboarding in the sun with a beer in hand. Pretty nice.

What snowboarding, watching it, and drinking beer outside have in common is that they’re all measurably more enjoyable when the weather’s nice, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky as a stacked field of competitors that included Nik Baden, Chandler Hunt, Tyler Flanagan, and podium finishers Chris Corning, Chas Guldemond, and Ryan Wachendorfer took to a sizeable lip and landing hovering just above the base of Copper Mountain.

Canadian Craig Gouwelos was especially fun to watch, putting down tricks like this massive lawn dart. Mental.

Its tongue-in-cheek name alludes to the laidback feel that sets this event apart from others you might find these riders at. Of course the steady stream of beer flowing from the taps in the mobile mini-pub at the bottom only exacerbates the relaxed attitude permeating the place, but from start to finish Hella Big Air’s take on competition feels as refreshing as a Cucumber Sour.


1. Chris Corning
2. Chas Guldemond
3. Ryan Wachendorfer
4. Tyler Flanagan
5. Eric Willet
6. Craig Gouwelos
7. Chandler Hunt
8. David Retzlaff

1. Ali Hsueh
2. Anastya Zhukova
3. Michelle Zeller

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