Beach Wins Calgary Molson Canadian Snow Jam

By Mike Prangnell


Wow – it seems like just yesterday I was flying home hung over from the 1999 Molson Canadian Snow Jam (DV8), and now it’s 2001. You’d think that I would have learned my lesson, but I’m once again on a plane with a headache.

The jewel in the Snow Jam crown is Calgary, Alberta. It has always been the most anticipated stop of the tour, for all kinds of reasons. It’s a wicked site with a smooth riding surface for the street course, there are always good parties, the people are extremely enthusiastic and the girls in that city…I think it’s the hormones they put in the Alberta beef or something – they all seem to be very we equipped.

Saturday was hotter than the southern tip of hell. After I coated myself with sunscreen, I headed down to the site. I was very stoked to see Social Distortion doing their sound check. They even played a few songs right when the gates opened. The first event I checked out was the BMX big hit contest on the vert ramp. All the athletes were very impressed with the ramp. This became blatantly obvious when Jay Miron threw down a 540-tail whip about 10-ft out. This is the BMX equivalent to Tony Hawk’s 900. Sluggo hugged Jay so hard I thought he was going to fall unconscious. Jay proceeded to win the big hit contest by flying over the top of the height meter. We are estimating his air to be at least 12-ft…damn!!

After that, I strolled over to the Nike ACG Quarter-Pipe to check some of my snow bros out. I was stoked to see James Beach ripping. He was also flying over the height meter with huge 540’s and 720’s. T.J. Schneider was wearing some sort of wacky acid wash thing and Bustin Justin Lamoureux was dropping in to incredibly smooth Haakenhucks (back flip 540). It was so sunny out that I couldn’t really handle watching the reflection of the snow for too long. It was time to go check out some bands.

I listened in on the Baby Blue Sound Crew for a bit. They were entertaining but I’m not sure what the deal is they just played other peoples songs. The crowd was into it though and the event had hooked up a hose to spray people down at the front of the stage. Maybe that’s why everyone was hanging out there.

My last requirement of the day was to judge the skateboard street super session. The winner of the event was Josh Evin with once again with his huge hit every obstacle style. He was followed closely by Chris Steggles who had first place for a bit with a flawless run including a warty pickle revert on the jump box. But, in the end Josh held on to the lead and took the $2,000.

I started packing up my stuff to head back to the hotel when BIF Naked came on. That chick is way hotter than she was last year. I watched them play a few songs, the crowd was jumping and so was Bif.

The lure of room service and a cold shower became too enticing for me to stick around, so I bolted for the hotel.


Shawn Pozer is the MC for the quarter pipe contest. It was his birthday that weekend so a bunch of the riders presented him with a cake Sunday morning.

They then proceeded to dump it over his head and get the whole crowd to sing happy birthday. Shawn, next time don’t tell anyone it’s your birthday.

I had heard of the band Tricky Woo from Montreal so I went to check them out for a bit. Holy Woodstock revival. I think their whole set was one song. I felt like I was at an early Hendrix concert before he was really appreciated.

The skateboard Best Trick contest was the next item on my agenda. I love watching it cause Dave Priest and Josh Evin always have a battle to see who can throw down the gnarliest trick. This time it was Dave. He did a front side 180 over a huge gap. Probably about 20-ft. The crowd went nuts and Dave went to the bank with a cheque for $1,,000.

I also checked out the BMX flat land contest. There were only three dudes but they were the best in Canada. Dan Rigby won it by doing a bunch of shit I’d never seen before. All that spinning wasn’t too hot for my headache that was lingering from the night before.

Last but not least was the Skateboard vert contest. To sum things up, it was the best contest Snow Jam has ever experienced. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce got first with a flawless run including a front side 540 a back side 540, half cab heel flip and airs to fakie that were over head height. Second place went to Barry Walsh, who almost got squeaked out to third place by Anthony Hancock. But right at the last minute Barry threw down a 540 Mctwist. This is something he had been trying for a long, long time. The crowd went ballistic.

I was so stoked on the vert contest that the rest of the afternoon was a blur to me, or maybe I just don’t feel like writing anymore. I guess we’ll never know.

Thanks again to Molson for putting on a slamming event and I have one last question. What the hell are they going get the crowd to yell in Detroit and Buffalo? I don’t think many people will be chanting ” I Am Canadian”…

Men’s Quarterpipe Results
1 James Beach
2. Scott Shaw
3. Scott Gaffney

Women’s Quarterpipe Results
1. Dominique Vallee
2. Roberta Rodger
3. Kim Dunn