Battle of Nines At The Ripzone Superpipe

On Sunday, April 13 the Men’s and Women’s Ripzone Superpipe finals went down under stormy skies at Blackcomb resort. The pipe walls were lined with spectators and photographers alike all waiting to see who’d throw themselves into first place. The format of the contest was a straight one-hour jam format with 30,000 dollars cash on the line. And while the jam allowed competitors to get more runs in the pipe than the standard best of three runs-it makes it a little harder for spectators and press trying to follow the event. Even so, certain things did stand out.

For the women’s finals, Ripzone invited twelve women who were automatically qualified for the finals. However three of them didn’t show, so in addition to the nine invitees who did eleven riders from the previous day’s qualifiers were in the pipe on Sunday for a total of twenty competitors. The women got to hit the pipe first thing in the am and they charged it. On average the riders each got in six runs, and a few scurried up the pipe to get in seven.

Tricia Byrnes split the pack into two camps straight out of the gates and upped the ante with a 17.0 on her first run. Maelle Ricker answered the score though on her second run pulling in a 17.8. Natazsa Zurek’s third run matched Ricker’s score, and it was obvious that the three women were all alone in their run for first, second, and third place-no one else even scored 17 points. Zurek secured herself a first place finish in her sixth run of the day with some straight airs, a frontside 540, and a frontside Haakon Flip.

The men weren’t quite as lucky as the women when it came to conditions. As the morning wore one, the notorious northwest cloud cover stayed on, keeping the light relatively flat-luckily the rain didn’t start until the final runs of the day. Like the women, the men averaged seven runs each in their hour long jam. Guillaume Morisset pulled out in front of the pack on his first run scoring a 19.0 that wouldn’t be topped, except by himself. On his second to last run, the combo’s didn’t stop. “I’m so stoked, because I stomped my first backside nine in a competition,” says Morisset, who landed the trick on the first hit of that winning run scoring a 19.8.

David Carrier-Porcheron pulling in a 18.1 that would hold him in his second place finish on his second run of the day with a backside nine to frontside nine combination. Crispin Lipscomb held onto third place after his second run with a 18.0. And fourth and fifth places were a battle between Justin Lamoureux, Josh Duncan, and Guy Deschenes. Lamoureux finally secured himself fourth with a 17.6 in his second to last run.

To finish up the contest, men’s and women’s finalists were invited back into the pipe for a rider-judged Superhit contest. The winner would take home a brand new Skidoo snowmobile. As the riders began hiking the pipe the clouds opened up and it began pouring rain. Justin Lamoureux threw a couple blind McTwists with his jersey pulled up over his face. Chris Runge, who landed a double backflip in his run went for a couple more, but couldn’t stick one on the superhit. Crispin Lipscome ended up taking the sled home with a frontside 1080.

Mens Superpipe Official Results
Rank Bib #
1 16 MORISSET Guillaume
3 12 LIPSCOMB Crispin
4 3 LAMOUREUX Justin
5 6 DUNCAN Josh
7 4 MELANCON David
8 21 RUNGE Chris
9 17 MIGNEAULT Daniel
10 18 AUTHIER Gabe
11 25 JENNINGS Trevor
12 7 AUBRY David
13 28 BROCHU Guillaume
14 23 WRIGHT Kory
15 8 HARDINGHAM Andrew
16 27 CONWAY Chase
17 22 MARTINEAU Tino
18 1 GOLDBERG Rube
19 44 WILMOTT Tom
20 29 RAUSCH Ryan
21 14 RAYMOND Dan
22 9 BUTT Dylan
23 13 TREMBLAY Etienne
26 11 KUMLEA Jesse
27 15 SHORT Dave
28 24 MASSE Miguel

Women’s Superpipe Finals Official Results
1 3 ZUREK Natazsa
3 4 BYRNES Tricia
4 9 NICOLL Mercedes
5 17 MACKENZIE Avery
6 13 READ Bekki
7 5 KOPINYA Sarah
8 10 PISCHKE Megan
9 2 GLAZIER Lori
10 6 VALLEE Dominique
11 19 BERGLOW Karolina
13 14 YZERMAN Kristi
14 70 FORD Michelle
15 8 LEGERE Valerie
16 15 O’BRIEN Spencer
17 11 VELDHOEN Martine
18 18 ANDERSON Jaclyn
19 16 BURKE Stacey
20 12 WRIGHT Ko-Ko