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If you don’t know much about Alek Oestreng, there are three things that anyone that knows him will tell you. One, Alek is an insane skateboarder. Two, he is a true snowboard nerd. And three, the dude can ride anything. After putting together a mental part for last year’s Insight, it was a no-brainer to invite Oestreng back for Arcadia to see what else he had in his bag of tricks. Needless to say after watching his throwaway clips, we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. In between his summer shredding schedule, we got in a quick interview with the Norwegian ripper. Enjoy!

A mountain man in Montana. Alek Oestreng. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

First off, we know you are a big fan of snowboarding, what are some of the things you really enjoy going on right now in the sport? Who are you most psyched on?
I don’t know. I enjoy a lot of things about snowboarding these days. Some of my favorites right now are Ben Ferguson,(Mike) Rav, and (Christian) Haller.

Why do you think people call you a snowboard nerd?
Because I like snowboarding?

Who were some of you biggest influences?
Terje (Haakonsen), Nico (Nicolas Mueller), (Scott) Stevens, Gigi Ruf, and Eirik Haugo to mention a few. I also find a lot of inspiration in all my friends that I have rode with over the years, just the people that you can tell are enjoying whatever they are doing all the time!

Plans for Alek Oestreng next season? More of this. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Any good stories getting riding with your idols?
I fan out every time. Haha.

What has changed since your days as a Youngblood?

A lot has changed! I mean, I am still the same person and I still like to snowboard, but I guess I grew up? I don’t know, haha. Really thankful for the years I had as a Youngblood though! I learned a lot and I got to travel with some of my heroes. I guess that is what helped and shaped me into who I am.

And it was your second year filming with Transworld, how was it? Differences from last year?
It was a fun year. Spent a lot more time in the backcountry which was a really nice change from years past. 
Who were you riding with for most of the season?

I was riding with a bunch of different people but overall, I didn’t really have a crew. I probably spent most time by myself..

What about Martin, your longtime filmer?

Martin Stuve Strøm is one of my good friends from back home. Just easy going and I think we have a similar working flow. I normally shoot with him because he is a really good at filming, great at finding spots, and I really trust him to film and present whatever I do in a way I like.

And you spent a decent amount of time shooting with Red?
I went to Montana with Red. That was a really fun trip. Always fun to ride with him. Don’t really need to babysit him so not really like a little brother. He is chill. Cooke city was awesome, great crew and the snow was good.

Two G’s in a pond. Alek Oestreng and Red Gerard. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

You mainly shot in Norway for your street portion, what was it like filming at home? Filming at home is always nice because I already knew a lot of spots, but we had a terrible winter in Oslo, so we spent more time looking for snow than spots.

What were you looking forward to ride this year?
I like to ride everything so I didn’t really have one thing that I was looking forward to the most. The backcountry was a really nice change.

How was the transition into more backcountry riding this year?
I don’t really feel like it was a transition. I am just always down to ride wherever there is snow and this year the streets happened to be a bit more dry and the West Coast happened to get a lot more snow, which was nice…

Is it still called a backyard if it is in the backcountry? PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

We've heard you go about your snowboarding year in a pretty calculated way. How did you structure your season?
I wouldn’t really call it structure, I just think I like to have some sort of idea in the beginning of the year of what I want to do. I keep a list. I always end up going completely different places and ride completely different things from what I plan anyway…

What all was on the list?
I write a list with all my ideas and tricks I would like to try. But that list is secret haha.

That is a lot of red in yellow. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Any plans for the upcoming season?

Some fresh snow will be nice.

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