Backside 360 Indys

Staring Chad Otterstrom

1. To learn this trick, head toward your backside wall with medium speed.

2. Once you start going up the transition, stay on your heel edge all the way to the top of the lip. Be prepared to pop off the lip and spin backside.

3. Once you’ve started your spin, pull your knees to your chest and grab Indy. 4. Next is the very important job of spotting the landing to make sure you’re not coming in on the deck or out in the flats, because once you’re at about 270 degrees into the spin, the landing will disappear.

5. Trust yourself, know you’re coming in on the vert or upper transition, and let your board touch down.

6. Ride it out and turn your head toward the next wall as soon as possible.

7. That’s the sweet deal.

Hint: Backside 360s are fairly easy, but you should still start doing them small and work your way up. Once you’re comfortable with this trick, you can try 540s or McTwists. You can also do this trick switch and then regular on the next wall, if you’re in a pipe-back to back style.

Chad is 22 and hails from Breckenridge, Colorado. He’s a real nice guy, but he does have tough friends, so use caution when approaching him.

Cool Boarders 2 version of the backside 360 Indy

1. Approach your backside wall holding the X button.

2. Let go of X as soon as you reach the tip of the lip.

3. Hold the UP direction button and press R2, then L2 to do the Indy grab.

4. Once you have the Indy grab, hold down the à'­ button and move the direction pad left-this will rotate you backside.

5. Rotate 360 and let go of all the buttons right before you land.

6. You will automatically land this trick no matter what you do.