Backmarket Nov. 07

E-shred. Yes, you can have it all. It’s like outfitting yourself with the contents of your cubicle … and a DJ booth. Digital shredding isn’t for everyone-but by god, it’s here to stay.-A.F.


These key products will keep you airborne and rocking out without those annoying bounced checks.

Freestyle Audio

The Fusion DMP waterproof MP3 player is a fully submergible, waterproof, shock-resistant, on-hill music maker.

$120-200 (128-512mb),


The Snow Dork is a knit beanie with a custom, button-activated, talking timepiece-so there.


Silva USA

The Silva Airpod is kind of awesome. This should end all debates about who got more airtime-because it measures your airtime. Sorry, little bro, the Airpod doesn’t lie.


H20 Audio

It’s a waterproof housing for your iPod Nano. The bomber case is completely submersible, and the scroll wheel functions easily even while wearing gloves.



The Headphone beanie ($40) and the Skull

Crusher beanie ($80) are two affordable ways to jib and rock.


Sometimes you can’t get away from it all completely-sometimes it’s more fun not to.

RED Protection

The RED Audex helmet is no joke. It’s Bluetooth enabled

for use with a cell phone or with a Bluetooth-adapter-fitted iPod. $320,


Very few things are cooler than POV (point of view) video action. It takes radical to the next level. The Samsung Extreme SC-X210WL allows you to attach the external lens anywhere on your body and get the shot.



The Audex Motorola Cargo jacket is almost creeping into robot territory. The only thing missing is a fax machine and printer. The key features have to do with it being Bluetooth phone enabled and integrated with Audex iPod ability … and it all comes back to those built-in speakers in the hood. This is the ultimate in on-hill connectedness.



The battery-powered amplifier in the Link pack fires sound out of 60mm speakers embedded in the upper straps. The straps also house a soft panel, which controls the power, volume, and phone function. You can listen to music and take phone calls completely hands and headset free while shredding. Now, that takes talent.



Is that other stuff too bulky for you? How about a pair of the new

O ROKR Bluetooth wired sunglasses. Use either a Bluetooth enabled iPod, or a cell phone with an MP3 player. Keep your finger on the pulse without lifting a finger.



The Stylus 7.1 megapixel digital camera is both waterproof and shockproof. This alone is the reason you need one for snowboarding. Chances are you’re going to fall down in the wet snow. It also features “bright capture technology” for those low-light days., $350